Victor Jones takes police officer to arrest “friend” who scammed him of $2700 in Buchanan

Royal Family radio/TV owner and CEO, Victor Jones who is currently home in Liberia for a two months vacation away from America and to officially register his company as...

Royal Family radio/TV owner and CEO, Victor Jones who is currently home in Liberia for a two months vacation away from America and to officially register his company as an “incorporation”, has been capturing unique stories and interviewing entertainers.

Two days ago, on April 17, while in Buchanan city for a show with some artistes, he collaborated with another entertainment company called Ablee-Jay TV, he decided to put the spotlight on himself to tell a story about an experience he encountered with one of his close friend named James Zorman who scammed him.

During the live stream, he first introduced himself. He then went on to accused his friend named James Zorman who he claimed stole $2700 from him. According to Victor, “couple of years ago”, he gave the money to Mr. Zorman who’s base in Grand Bassa County, for both of them to go into “bread business”.

Victor says, three years ago when he had the chance to finally visit Liberia to see the result of his investment, there weren’t much to show, instead, his friend took him to a small “dirty block house”, and claimed that “bread not making money” in Liberia and that he “change it to a gas station.”

Screenshot of confrontation.

Victor further explained that after trusting his friend and sending the money for the bakery business, Mr. Zorman took the money and secretly opened  a “bakery” for himself and is now a supplier of his community.

In the continuation of the live stream, Victor and the officer surprise Mr. Zorman at the bakery, where they found him standing, juking something in his teeth (flossing).

When they arrived, the officer explained to him that he had been accused of something and that he needed to go to the police station.

Zorman then asked the officer, “who’s that person that lay (reported) my complaint?”

Victor answered him by saying, “this is Victor. I lay one dah (I’m the one) send you the money to. Ehn you James Zorman?

Zorman looked surprised and embarrassed at the same time. He replied, “yeah.”

Victor then said, “yeah, remember I send you my money for bakery, and you told me bakery wasn’t making money but you still selling in ly (the) bakery?”

Victor then look at the camera to explain what happen.

“I send this man $2700 to make business. He told me, bread don’t make money. And now here he here making bakerly here. Let ly bread neh here ( here are some of the bread he made). When I came he said, “Oh, they don’t buy bread. He went and open gas station. Took me way (all the way or far away) the flower mill. True or false?”

Mr. Zorman looked at Victor and responded with, “Victor, you really surprised me.”

Victor replied, “How you surprise, you surprised me. you took my money and use it and then you say I surprised you? you surprised me…you took my money all year when I got here, you took me way (all the way or far away) to flower mill junction.”

The officer then asked Victor to please excuse and that they’ll see how best they can help with the case. Victor agreed.

Mr. Zorman then turn towards the officer and told him that he’s going to change his clothes and will be out once done. He went into the bakery and took a while, while in there Victor lamented on the issue.

After a while, Zorman then came out to head to the police station with Victor and the officer.

In the middle, a little bit at the end of the video, which has a second part, Mr. Zorman is seen mad and argumentative with Victor as he gets on the bike with the police officer.

The second portion of the video is where Victor finally explained what lead to this moment. For more understanding of this story, please carefully watch the full version of the video below:

Do you think Victor took the right measures in handling this issue? Let’s read your view.

Written by First Lady/ Augustina Kou Monpleh



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