The Lorma-Gie-Tia Festival 2022

I know that sometimes I may sound like a broken record in certain people’s ears when I talk about how important it is to preserve our cultural heritage and...

I know that sometimes I may sound like a broken record in certain people’s ears when I talk about how important it is to preserve our cultural heritage and identity so that we can produce more patriotic citizens and transmit our history down to the next generation. And then “female gender mutilation,” which is far from that, is the first thing that pops into their heads.

The war that disrupted our peace for many years and did not give our people the opportunity to promote their culture well is the reason why the majority of you are in love with our neighbors’ culture. However, that time is long past, and “gratitude has to be a must ” now.

I’m thrilled to let you know that the Liberian-Lorma people will hold their second annual “Lorma-Gie -Tia,” which means “Lorma people”, a festival before the year 2023 is through.

The purpose of the celebration is to bring the Lorma people together to honor their culture, although it is not only for Lormas. The emphasis of this year’s edition will be on the Lorma’s traditional cuisine, art, and culture. The festival has a group page on Facebook where participants are encouraged to contribute information about all aspects of Lorma culture, such as traditional dress, dancing, music, writing in the Lorma language, food, wedding rituals, and more.

Observing young Liberians who are descended from this particular tribe reaching out to learn their native tongue is one of the things that caught my interest. Considerably altering the story is what the “Lorma-gie-tia” is doing. Who wouldn’t desire to go? As much as I am Mano, witnessing the effects of their pre-festival preparation makes me yearn to go to and take in a genuine traditional celebration because I have never had such an experience. Additionally, just like the previous year, it was hosted in the capital city of Voinjama’s Lofa county.

Source: Lorma-Gie-Tia (Facebook)

The event is a four days event from December 23rd to 26th. The event’s creator, Jojo with Coffee, has already made some promotional images available, much as she and her crew did for the inaugural edition last year.

The festival will this year sell t-shirts, lappas, hats, etc. After all of that, please call her at the following numbers to purchase tickets or to attend: 0881377260, 07776 47982, or 07705 30007.

For promotional purposes, please email us at

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Written by First Lady/ Augustina KOU Monpleh



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