Liberian stars views’ follow-up on the abuse victim yesterday

Yesterday, Wednesday 24th October 2018, we “LSV” did a follow-up on the abused Liberian girl.  We first went to the West Hills mall to have a meeting with the...

Yesterday, Wednesday 24th October 2018, we “LSV” did a follow-up on the abused Liberian girl.  We first went to the West Hills mall to have a meeting with the management. We needed to know the authenticity of the story. When the story first broke out, many accused us of looking for ‘fame’ from Ghanaians, so they insulted us and pinned our story as ‘fake!’  We did a followup by calling the victim and her family to speak with us on camera as to hear their side of the story for the benefit of all interested parties.

When we arrived at the West Hills mall in Accra during our follow-up we realized the security guard assigned to the Standard Charter bank, which is within the mall. Where the Christmas tree is, is way far from the Standard Charter bank. So we went in to meet with management of the Standard Charter bank, evidence of a live video is on this page LSV.
The Standard Charter bank manager first condemned the act and told us the “Security guard” was absolutely wrong and he frowned on the act. The management disclosed to us that after the incident they questioned the Security guard and he wasn’t just making any sense to what prompted his abuse against the victim.

So we asked him as to whether it was a custom that people usually pay before taking pictures at the mall. He, first of all, told us it wasn’t part of the security guard’s area of assignment. His assignment is only at the Standard Charter bank. So he has no business with the Christmas tree. He has no business requesting anyone to pay for taking pictures at or in the mall.
We further questioned the manager as to whether he watched the CC video, he then told us there was a video but he wasn’t concerned about it because he knew he’d already seen evidence of the abuse, which was right before him. Anyone can do a follow-up on this story and meet with management of standard chartered bank within the West Hills mall to Authenticate.
We moved to the Weija police station where the abuser reminded and later billed by his family member. There’s also a video for evidence on our LSV page. We met the police officer handling the case and he asked us to wait for his boss who was going to continue with the case and to make the necessary decisions.

Our disappointment came when the father of the victim asked the police officer as to whether it was of law to bill the abuser without the victim in the know. The police officer got outraged of the question and responded as saying ” This is not Liberia, this is Ghana” we thought it was wrong to have made sort statement. We waited anyways for the boss to arrive.
After a few hours waiting by 5:30 pm the boss arrives and we were invited in to go over the case. The boss was a lady and she asked the alleged abuser as to what was the motive of his attack on the victim that cause her wounds and lacerations. The victim in response told the police boss that the victim snubbed him by swinging her hand over her shoulder when he tried to call and talked to her. That was what prompted his battling the victim.

The police boss who is a female then questioned the alleged abuser as to what was his interpretation of someone swinging his/her hand over their shoulders. He responded by saying it’s an insult. Then comes our relief. The police boss got very aggravated of his response and told the alleged abuser that he was absolutely wrong for abusing the victim the way he did.
She didn’t care anymore to ask further questions and she told the victim to go home and she was going to prepare her reports to send the alleged abuser to court by Monday.
We Liberian stars views’ make it our duty to seek justice for any Liberian home or abroad that’s facing or been abused. We will use our platforms in every way possible to shine a light on abuse in any form or manner. Some Ghanaians and some so-called Liberians have a problem with our caption but failed to realize that this page is a Liberian page and the incident took place in Ghana. However, we report this story the name of Ghana or Ghanaian will be mentioned.

We can’t have our caption like “A girl abused by a security guard”. Her nationality must be revealed and the country for which she was abused. It’s Like a Ghanaian girl beaten severely in Liberia and a Ghanaian media was reporting the story. How would you have termed it?
To make a further follow-up on this matter you can visit the Weija police station.
This may not sound well to some of you but Ghanaians have the tendency of asking foreigners “what are you doing in Ghana?” When they first get into a discussion and to me the question doesn’t sound welcoming at all. I have personal experience that on many occasions and even if you try to approach a girl they will eventually ask you questions. Ghanaians on the majority behave differently when you don’t speak their language.

They know this is the norm in their society, but no one has the balls to wake up and talk about it, so as to educate the society how to interact with someone who doesn’t speak your language. They do this to the extent that it is now affecting their people. They are all aware of the miss identification of their own brothers who didn’t look or speak like them. They saw the aftermath of that attitude. Someone needs to wake up and address this issue in Ghana or more people will continue to get hurt.

See the result of the injury below!





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