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Get to know more About the Liberian Music Industry and how you Can Help!

About several months ago Prakash Bestman embarked on an assignment; an assignment triggered by his greatest passion which is music, and the lack of interest and support for the arts by those that stand to benefit from it most. Hipco Nation is a documentary series that unveils the “Liberian music and entertainment industry”, from the prospectives of its actors and stakeholders looking at the social and economic importance of arts and culture, music and entertainment. This three-part documentary series when finished, shall give you our viewers an in-depth understanding of the opportunities, potentials, and struggles of Liberian arts and culture.

Enjoy the sounds of Liberia!



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Liberian stars view was founded by Ms. Augustina Kou Monpleh in 2005, LSV started in an effort to create a medium through which the Liberian entertainment industry could attain some publicity. The company focus on showcasing the Liberian entertainers in the music, films, fashion, and general entertaining industry.