After traveling to 24 countries, this brother moved back home to invest

We read real stories of Africans or even Americans moving back to Africa. Two major reason why they are moving is due to wanting to invest or longing for...
We read real stories of Africans or even Americans moving back to Africa. Two major reason why they are moving is due to wanting to invest or longing for peace of mind. Luckily, for us, we have seen some of those investment spur into bigger and better investments opportunities that are helping some of Africa’s biggest thriving economy in Ghana, Rwanda, Nigeria, South Africa, etc… I won’t lie, I ask myself daily whether we have people like this within our community. The truth is, yes, we do, I mean we have so many of them and I was blessed to come across one of those people on my instagram and his name is Losoni Freeman. On October 20th, 2019, I saw a post he posted on his page that caught my attention. In this post, he shared that he has so much to be thankful for and that he is grateful for his “highs and lows”.
He then highlighted that he has 23 countries stamps in his  passport and that he’s grateful. This showed me that he has acquired some of his experiences not only in America, but also some other amazing countries he has visited for personal and professional development.
Freeman, was born in west Africa Liberia June 28th 1987. At age 8, Freeman and his mother travel to the United States of America.
Mr. Freeman graduated from East Orange high school at the age of 17 years , with high honors in the state of new Jersey where he spent most of his childhood. Freeman has earned 2 B,SE degrees, one in hospitality management and the other in business management.
Freeman is currently in the process of finishing his MBA with a goal of pursuing a PH.D.
Freeman is married and has four beautiful children with his beloved wife.
“Becoming the CEO of my own enterprise, investing in my developing country and create employment for my people ( goals accomplished).”
“ live a righteous and lawful life to the best of my abilities according to Torah aka biblical teachings (Goals accomplishing).”
“Music , The ancient language of the Royal Bassa tribe of Liberia.”

He has worked for both the State Department of Ohio and Federal level in as a benefit specialist with social security department.

He is currently in his last year of his Master’s s program at strayer university.

His most memorable travel destination are:  Mexico, Dubai, Egypt, Jamaica, and Belgium, & Morocco.

Freeman has started his own company, he is the CEO of Freeman’na Beach and Spa. He also owns a consultant firm.

With such exposure to the complex and cultural beauty of those countries, he opted out to return back to his homeland with his education and experience to create a business that will create jobs for many Liberians.

Our people like to say, to cut a long story short, I decided to ask him for an exclusive interview about why he chose to move home (Liberia) to invest.

1. What made you decide to start traveling, names of countries and are you still traveling or you stopped?

“The Love of seeing other aspect of God creation is my motivation. I also Love the food the culture and of course the people. I’ve had the privilege to travel to 24 countries. The best of them are Dubai, Egypt, Jamaica, Mexico and Belgium, I also travel to all the know islands.I use to work for Norwegian cruise line, so most of my island travel was pay by the cruse.”

2.  What are some of the experiences you’ve learned from America and all the other countries you traveled to and how are you applying those experiences?

“From fourth grade to Masters level have taught me a lot. I’ve learn all aspect of business and customer services. How you treat people and the high level of respect you give them despise their status is the most important level of my international travels.”

3. Did you permanently move to Liberia, if so, why did you move?

“Yes, I permanently relocated back to Liberia to conduct my business. I of course go back and forth to the states to visit my family.”

4. How were you able to acquired your properties? (A little information about the legal process will be highly appropriated.

“Despite the mis-abuse of some land owners, there are still good legitimate land sellers that don’t resell your property after you purchase it from them. I knew a bassa family that owens over 200 acres of land in Liberia. They have entrusted my company to consult for them.  They have the land, I have the clients. My firm probate and survey their property, I then hand deliver their deed to them in the states.”

5. Tell me more about your current projects; Freeman’na and the Consultant firm ?

“My goal of my company is to empower and hire our Liberia people. Freeman’na beach and spa is my beach property in boystown Margeibi Liberia. I’m building duplexes for rental both in Du port road and Boys-town. I also have Guest house and restaurant in Du port road. This location will be open dry season of next year. This location is call Freeman’na village.

6. Is the firm and Spa located in the same area or different locations? If so, Where are they located?

“I’m building duplexes for rental both in du port road and boys-town. I also have Guest house and restaurant in Du port road. This location will be open dry season of next year. This location is call Freeman’na village.”

7. Have you officially launch any of your projects to the public, if not, when do you plan to ?

 “Currently I’m in construction mode, by next year I will be giving dates of opening.”

8. Hours of operation for both?

  “My locations will be 24 hours. Anytime you can come and enjoy our village or beach.”

9. How many employees do you have at your firm and Spa?

“Currently I have over 30 men and women on payroll.”

10. I seen that you heavily incorporated your tribe , Bassa, with Freeman’na, which I love so much. Can you please tell me a little about that?

“My mother is Bassa, this is what I grew up with so by nature I engage myself with the custom and traditions. My father is mande. I don’t know much about his people, however I love all of Africa. Anything Africa is my Love.”

11. I hope this isn’t too personal but with all the projects you’re working on, how do you balance your family ?

“My wife is very understanding, she see and believe.”

12. Many of our brothers and sisters want to start investing back home, but for some of them are afraid either due to disappointments with families and friends, any advice for them?

“My advised to them is look for non-family. We now have firms like my own that will run after all your business for a small fee. You won’t have to worry about someone trying to 419 you. We are a business, you pay for a service you get your service 100%.”

13. If you have only one minute to drop five encouraging words to say to encourage other Liberians and non-Liberians to go home and invest , what will be those words and why did you pick them?

“My encouraging words is don’t be afraid of Africa. Come home, if you don’t like what you see, change it!! Use your educational and personal experience to make meaningful change to our beloved homeland. Only us can change our country. Stop stressing in Europeans countries come home and lets build.”




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