Three Liberia based Makeup Artists You Should Consider When You Visit Home

On May 10, 2022, Barbados born, Billionaire Beauty mogul, Rihanna announced that she will be officially launching her makeup line “Fentybeauty and “Fentyskin” in several African countries and Liberia,...

On May 10, 2022, Barbados born, Billionaire Beauty mogul, Rihanna announced that she will be officially launching her makeup line “Fentybeauty and “Fentyskin” in several African countries and Liberia, where some of the most beautiful women in the world live was not on the list.

“I’ve been waiting for this moment!! @fentybeauty & @fentyskin are finally dropping in AFRICA!!! 

“Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe…we comin at ya May 27th and that’s just the beginning!!! #FentyAfrica” – Rihanna.

At first it was disappointing but then I told myself, ‘we are not promoting ourselves effectively.’

So, today, in the effort to start promoting effectively, I decided to highlight three dope makeup artists that are based in Liberia. These women are just as skillful as any other makeup artist that Rihanna have recently decided to work with in “Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe…”

Social media has made it easy for talents to flourish and over the years, many Liberian makeup (known and unknown) artists have surfaced the internet and have used social media as their main tool to promote their brands.

These beautiful and hardworking women, have done face beat for some of the hottest Liberian jues (Liberian word for women) who are known online and offline. If you ask me, they are stars in their own right.

Whether you’re the type who likes heavy, medium or light makeup up, each of these women have quality products to “beat your face to the Gods and back”!

These women already have their own platform, they have worked hard and continued to work hard to build a even bigger and better platform for themselves.

  1. @Beatsby_ella
Photo source: @Beatsby_ella

Ella Van is a “celebrity makeup artist”, and one of the popular faces who’s currently represent the beauty scene in Liberia. She has her own place where she runs her business. She specialized in natural makeup, full coverage or even in between look. Ella is usually book by some of Liberia’s hottest jues in the country and also Liberian women from the diaspora who travel home for vacation. In 2019, she did the natural makeup for our traditional theme shoot for our Koloqua Festival. Ella has done multiple weddings, birthday parties, photo shoots, etc..

2. @jarzzartistry

Photo source: @jarzzartistry

Joicet Jartu Foday is actually the winner of Miss Earth Liberia 2018. She is currently competing in the Miss Liberia pageant and she’s contestant # 6, representing Grand Cape Mount County. I recently discovered that she doesn’t only do makeup but she’s also splendid at it. In just a little time I’ve been following her, I’ve falling in love with how most of her looks seems so effortless and natural. Although i just found out about her handy work, I am still amazed and will like to have her be my personal makeup artist. Who’s better to beat your face than the queen herself?

3. @labelle_glam

Photo source: @labelle_glam

From weddings, birthday parties, photo shoots, girls night out to beating the face of popular Liberian influencers like Djmaster Queen, Mollyn Jarbah, to Willimena Brown, the current Miss Montserrado, contestant # 16, who’s also running to be “Miss Liberia”, etc, Macara Massaley is a “Pro Makeup artist” and she has done it all. Just like Ella , she is a well established Mua who also has her own business center located on Benson street, Monrovia. Words on the street of Monrovia is that she is among the highest paid Muas that charge a bit more than regular Monrovia Muas due to the quality of makeup brands she uses on her client. Macara’s name alone says it all. Her name has become a household name in the world of Liberia beauty, and hopefully, we will someday see a makeup line called “Macara”.

Thank you for reading. If you have other Muas you will like for us to feature in our next edition, please email us at .

Written by First Lady/Augustina Kou Monpleh




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