Aryea Kolubah invited to New York Fashion Week & Paris Fashion Week

Help Us Take Aryea To The Main Stage!

Aryea Kolubah is the owner of “Louisville Fashion Nite- Out” and a clothing line known as Yia’Re Couture. As a young designer , she always hopes that one day she will be able to showcase her work to the entire world. After showing her designs a Runway Liberia in June, Ms. Kolubah was invited to showcase her work at both New York Fashion Week as well as Paris Fashion Week 2016. “As a designer, my dream has always been to showcase my work on such a scale.” she said. In order to make this dream possible, Aryea needs 5,000 dollars to be able to cover all travel/designs expensive.

Aryea is hoping that you can find it in your heart to help her reach her goal by donating any amount you have to help showcase her designs at New York Fashion Week September 2016.

Aryea Kolubah

Aryea Kolubah

Read her story here and help Aryea make it to New York Fashion Week.




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