Why I chose to stay Single – John Dumelo Explains

John tell it like it is.
John Dumelo

One of Africa’s known faces in movies, ( mostly Ghollywood movies) John Dumelo has opened up on why he remains single.
According to Gossip Mills Nigeria, he opened up about it while in Lagos, Nigeria. John disclosed that most marriages around fail because partners in the union go into the institution with the wrong mindset. John Dumelo further added that he is taking his time so as to avoid mistakes.

He said: “I have seen a lot of people talking about marriage, a lot of people getting into marriage early, and divorcing early. I think people just love the idea of marriage but don’t know how to stay in a marriage.
“They like the idea of love but don’t have the idea of how to stay in love or be in love, so since I have some followers, I decided to put it in writing and advise people not to rush into marriage because your friends or cousins are getting married or because you want to have beautiful wedding pictures.
“Marriage is making it work and that is what is failing a lot of marriages these days because people go into it with the wrong mindset. “These reasons are why I am taking my time before getting married and of course, there are plans of getting married soon.”

Do you agree or disagree with John? Post your thoughts.

John Dumelo

John Dumelo





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