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About: This incredible drama is a clear revelation of how things could go wrong when you trust or help the wrong person.This very educational and emotional series “Secret Enemy Reloaded” blows the mind of any viewer as the series of shocking events witnessed in the story makes it clear that there is no limit to the capacity of some people breaking the trust of others without regrets.

Starring, Princess Jatou, Janel J Yallah, Heart D Desire, Hadisa Kadi, Jimmie Rahain Z York, Joyce T Godsfavour, Blessed B Krah, Blessing J Hayes, Blessing Joyful Baysah, Joyful Blessing Tulay, Latifah Bless Garnett, Honey Jay Morlu, Honeybunch Nkechi Higgins, Rachel Jacob, Darling Love, Smooth Charlette P, Artus Frank, Frances Finkay Kanu, Lib White Prince, Princess Momo, Yamah Princess Sloan, Musu Camara, Melo Sugar Monroe.

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D.O.P : Yaya Kieta

Directed by: Hadisa Kadi

For more information about this film, call this number 763-496-8940.

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