Vannette Tolbert has teamed Up With Yanumbe Marjean For Monrovia Fashion Week

Liberia's Fashion Industry

Marjean studied at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. She is the CEO & Founder at Monrovia Fashion Week, CEO & Marketing Director/Producer at Jeanie International Productions, blogger, promoter and Co-Founder/Coordinator at Liberian Girls Organization.

Yanumbe Marjean

Yanumbe Marjean

Tolbert studied Mass Communications at Frostburg State University. She is the Business Development & Marketing Manager at West Africa Logistics & Mining Corporation, Former Corporate Coordinator at Marlan’s Group, Former Business Development Associate at Syndicate Media Group, model, workout guru, blogger, studied Marketing Strategy & Branding at NYU SCPS and she is now the Executive Directors for Monrovia Fashion Week.

Vannette Tolbert

Vannette Tolbert

As you all are now aware of their credentials, experience, credibilities and their educational backgrounds, these two gorgeous women are prepare to take the Liberian fashion scene to a whole new level.


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 Charity Fundraising

Monrovia Fashion Week (MFW), a contemporary international platform envisioned to direct, lead and promotes the emerging and established designers to a global audience, to be held from December 14- 17, 2016.

Over the years, Liberian designers have significantly improved in the fashion industry, locally and internationally. MFW brings together creatively talented fashion and accessories designers in Liberia, and in the Diaspora alongside international designers, to showcase their collections to local and international retail buyers, Africa’s neo-fashion consumers, influential press, media, and fashion savvy celebrities.

The event incorporates outstanding display of fashion shows and creative Exhibitions that gives fashion and creative businesses in Liberia, and across the globe the opportunity to exhibit their collections, lifestyle products, and offer creative business solution services alongside the catwalk shows.

The annual event celebration of Liberia’s Fashion and Creative business industry is set to epitomize the fashion scene in Liberia, with platforms that celebrates Liberian and international creative business practitioners.

The organization is structured with an aim to develop and educate emerging talents through its mentoring platforms and inspirational industry seminars giving them the opportunity to evolve and involve internationally.

Proceeds from this event is geared towards strengthening the charity group founded in 2010 (Liberian Girls, URL: to improve the literacy of kids by providing reading rooms at various locations.

“We believe that children are the foundation of a country and as such, proper childhood development is paramount.”

Monrovia Fashion Week

Monrovia Fashion Week

If you have anything to contribute to MFW, please reach out to Vannette Tolbert or Yanumbe Marjean on Facebook. “Two hands, are better than one hand.” Liberian parable.




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