Four young women Arrested for Sharing Naked Video of another young woman

Sharing nudes of others have become the norm within our community

There have been many occasion where someone releases another person’s image/video on social media as a way to get back at them, however, they know within themselves its wrong; but somehow they still do it to feel fearless. This behavior has become the norm within our community in the diaspora and now people have picked it up in Liberia.

Three University students arrested after allegedly sharing Mary’s ( Not her real name) intimate private video, which she recorded in her phone. Anita Woods, the prime suspect later gained access to the video, and allegedly released via social media when confusion emerges between the two.

These United Methodist University female students are being escorted by the court officer to the Monrovia Central Prison for sharing a nude picture of one of their university mates
Source: Frontpage Africa


The students currently attend United Methodist University (UMU) in Monrovia. According to FPA, they are being detained at the Monrovia Central Prison by the Monrovia City Court Judge, Kennedy Peabody.

Stephanie Ajavon, Charlotte Dixon and Deddeh Yarsiah failure to follow protocol, got them some jail time. While Anita Woods, the prime suspect has been released on bond.

According to FPA, the police charge sheet showed that the suspects were arrested on Monday, October 22nd and charged with the crime of Dissemination of Obscene Materials.
The charge sheet further stated that the four suspects were first arrested July 6 in connection to the crime but were later released.
However, their constant posting of the nude video on social media through Facebook Messenger and popular students chat group called WeChat caused their lawsuit filed against them by the victim.

The charge sheet also pointed out that after the video was shared via social media by Anita, the other three suspects kept on re-sharing the video among others with the caption: “La sex tape is really lit ooh and we are making sure every citizen of this country will have a copy of the sex tape”.

FPA reported that, during the defendants first appearance in court, their lawyers pleaded with state prosecutors for a pre-trial conference.
But the state prosecutors rejected the plea for a pre-trial conference on the ground that the defendants should file a criminal appearance bond or be incarcerated to serve as a deterrent to others.
“The defendants in the dock should file the appropriate bond so as to secure their day-to-day appearance, in the absence of that, they should be remanded at the Monrovia Central Prison so as to deter the naked showing of others,” state prosecutors in court.
FPA added that The City Court Judge, Magistrate Kennedy Peabody denied the defense lawyers’ application for a pre-trial conference and ordered the defendants to file a proper criminal appearance bond.

This nonsense has to stop!

Based in Liberia/Africa: What can you do when someone shares your nude?

Find the nearest police station and file a complaint.

Based in the diaspora: What can you do when someone shares your nude?

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