The Audacity, disrespect and rudeness exhibited by some Liberian men

This article was first originally published on Facebook on February 1st, 2022. A couple of days ago, I promised one of our followers that I would write an article...

This article was first originally published on Facebook on February 1st, 2022.

A couple of days ago, I promised one of our followers that I would write an article about Liberian Men (some); the ones that disrespect and do not defend us in the time of need. I wanted to take my time but when I woke up this morning and saw something similar to what I intended to write, I immediately became inspired and started writing.

LIBERIAN Men (some) disrespect their women and when they are needed, most of them are nowhere to be found. And even when they are there, they are incapable of defending. How will they? When most of them spend more time disrespecting women than protecting. Are we supposed to blame the war too or should we blame their parents? I’ll leave that up to you.

If you have been following this platform, you know that we have been boycotting #FirstNollytv ( I hope you’re still reporting that channel?) for making a movie that disrespected the “LIBERIAN Woman’s image. To our surprise ( not really) , a lot of Liberian men bluntly said, the producers were right.
I wasn’t too surprised (were you?).
And you wonder why a lot of Liberian women are marrying outside.

Ok, so, I was recently having a discussion with a foreign ( Ghanaian) friend of mine who said he had to check one of his LIBERIAN male friend who displayed something really inappropriate when they were at a restaurant in LIBERIA. According to him, they were sitting when three beautiful LIBERIAN girls entered. The moment one of his friends ( LIBERIAN) saw the girls, he started saying that he had slept with all three of them. He told me that he was so disgusted by his friends’ comments that he had to check him and leave the table.

What’s my point? Well, read below. The behavior of some LIBERIAN men thinking that discussing women is cool, which has become a cultural norm in our country that some of them are even going as far as writing book about it. To add up to this, look at how prophet key sits on social media and discuss women. This man has repeatedly directed “BIG BIG MA cuss” towards other popular LIBERIAN women including the President’s deceased mother.
Some of our people find no problem with his rudeness and they are major contributors to his platform. Henry Costa, who is supposed to be a political commentator has also showed how rude and disrespectful he is to LIBERIAN women including Madame, Macdella Cooper, Augustina, the young woman who got pregnant by Mo Ali, etc… Now that I have pointed out some legit information, let’s get down to another reason why I decided to write so early.

Vah Isaac Tukpah, the Chief of Staff of political leader, Alexander Cummings, reportedly just co-wrote a book titled, “GEORGE WEAH: The Dream, The Legend, The Rise To Power” with Emmanuel Clarke and they had some inappropriate things to say about the President’s wife, who is our First Lady, Madame Clar Weah.

According to the author, the President decided to married a “Jamaican woman over a Liberian woman or any other woman is because she was vaginally tight, versatile in bedroom and actively aggressive in the bed…” Apparently, this is a conversation the President reportedly had with a friend which is yet to be confirmed.

And we wonder why women don’t genuinely feel protected and well-respected by our men because you have old men like these two writing book discussing other people’s intimate life.

Last year, when I visited Liberia, I came across a couple of men/young boys who tried to approach me but when I turned them down, they disrespected me but nothing can’t “Lee on me( the LIBERIAN word for not accepting any form of disrespect)” because I don’t tolerate no disrespect from nobody not even the man I’m in Love with.

With that being said, of course a man/woman supposed to pick his life partner based on his/her own personal interests and the person’s qualifications. But what I find disgusting is that these writers had the audacity to be brave to publicly discuss another man’s private life. Is this supposed to be politic too?

Why do some LIBERIAN Men think it’s okay or cool to discuss women?

Whether President Weah said this or not, this is pure disrespect to Mrs. Weah, the President and LIBERIAN women and they need to be sued!

Alexander Cummings this man needs to be punished or fired because if he can do this to others, best believe he will do it to you.

Written by First Lady / Augustina Kou Monpleh Official

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