Teckno Miles and Liberian Superstar Yung Muse Wants You to Tell Africa To Danze

Liberia & Nigeria collaboration!!

Viral Liberian superstar, Yung Muse, and Nigerian superstar, Teckno Miles, has just released a brand new dance single titled ‘Danze’ along with stunning viral dance competition where they challenge the world to dance.

“I like my girl dee crazy (2x) I like my girl dee shake it (2x)
see caro
she dance and go low
how she dance and go low
see her body got me rolling ehh
see caro
my babe like to danze
see caro
my babe like to shake”

‘Danze’ is sure to be a dance anthem for Africans across the continent and the next big hit.

Yung Muse is a Liberian -American artist whose hit songs, ‘Lamachi and Kakalaka ’ caught attention of both Africa and America , as well as more than 10,000 viewers on youtube while captivating attention from industry moguls like Mrs. Deb (Waka Flocka’s Mother) and Bone crusher.

Listen to ‘Danze’ right here





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