Another free money for Liberia's corrupt government

Photo: Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallström

Sweden has released a strategy for its development cooperation with Liberia focusing on peacebuilding and state building.

According to a release from the Swedish foreign ministry, the aim of the strategy “is to help strengthen Liberia’s public services and create the conditions for peaceful, inclusive and sustainable development.”

“Activities are also to contribute to increased gender equality as well as an improved environment and reduced climate impact. The strategy will apply for the period 2016–2020 and comprises a total of SEK 1 350 million (ca $163m), of which SEK 1 320 million is intended for activities implemented by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) and SEK 30 million is intended for activities implemented by the Folke Bernadotte Academy (FBA),” the release added.

Within the framework of the strategy, the ministry notes, Sida is expected to contribute to:

Strengthened democracy and gender equality, and greater respect for human rights
Strengthened capacity in public administration
Strengthened rule of law

Increased capacity of civil society to promote accountability and respect for human rights
A more inclusive society, with focus on increased participation of women in political processes
Increased respect for and access to sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR)

Better opportunities and tools to enable poor people to improve their living conditions

Improved conditions for inclusive and sustainable economic development, with focus on small-scale and sustainable farming
Increased production of and improved access to renewable energy
Improved conditions, especially for women and young people, for productive employment with decent working conditions
Strengthened conditions for free and fair trade

Safeguarding human security and freedom from violence

Strengthened capacity to prevent and manage the consequences of sexual and gender-based violence
Strengthened conflict resolution and reconciliation initiatives at local and national level
Within the framework of the strategy, the FBA is expected to contribute to:
Strengthened capacity among women, men and institutions to promote security and human rights

Source: http://www.nanews.net



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