Steps to becoming rich in Liberia, as Liberians who live in the diaspora.

Ten steps to live a prosperous, free, and happy life in Liberia when you are ready to retire back home. (By Henry Johnson Jr) Only for Liberian-Americans or Liberians...

Ten steps to live a prosperous, free, and happy life in Liberia when you are ready to retire back home. (By Henry Johnson Jr) Only for Liberian-Americans or Liberians who live in the diaspora. Steps that I am applying that works.

1. Put God first. Pray, Pray, Pray, and Pray. Put God first!

2. Save, save, save, save, freaking save!! The things you think you want now would always be there later. Make your income tax money work for you. Save that too.

3. Invest, not to invest, but also invest in yourself and dreams. Increase your income, never work the same job making 11.00 dollars an hour for 20 years. NOPE!!! That’s how you stay broke and miserable.

4. Cut off negative (friends) people or people and you who do not share the same dreams or aspirations.

5. Educate yourself. Seek higher education. Trust me, most folks respect wisdom, and if you don’t have a paper to prove it, you are nothing. With a (Bachelor Degree and experience) wisdom; in 6 years, I went from making 7 dollars an hour to making a lot of money, and putting away 1500.00 a month, for my kids’ college, and retirement; while still living comfortably and can travel to whatever freaking country I want. Also, do not forget, learn the American-way, for it is not the “Liberian-way,” it’s way different.

6. Live below your means. Remember, this is not your country. Your country needs help. Don’t flex your muscles with others or act like you have money. Boost your credit to the 800’s, and use other (companies) people’s money, and pay them little by little. Never use your own money.

7. Make your money work for you. Invest in those family members in Liberia who you sent half of your paycheck too, for them to invest in themselves. Have them open, little shops and stuff like that, that way they are not dependable beings. “Dependable beings are not resourceful ones.” – Henry Johnson Jr. So, make them hold it down, in Lib, and even if you don’t send them money every month, they could survive, without being “dependable.”

8. Start your own business. I am starting off Ethno Records (World’s Entertainment Empire: The Philippines, Thailand, and Liberia), which will soon become a reality as long as I reach my 130.000.00 saved goal. The connects are already in place, having the opportunities to work with big names in Thailand and The Philippines.

9. Be freaking humble and befriend any and everyone. Never let your EGO get in the way of your success.

10. Get specific about your goals. Create and execute a plan. Act broke. Don’t flex with things you don’t own on Facebook. Stay away from the negative people. Make new friends who are diverse from different cultures and live in America. Never be stuck in that “ASSOCIATIONS.” Drive your ugly car, never settle for the new, while your bank account looks like heaven. Help (poor people) others who are struggling.

Remember, if you can apply those steps; when you are ready to retire, in Liberia, you can become that next Liberian-Millionaire, with businesses. 11,000.00 or more, are millions in Liberian dollars. Imagine saving 200.000.00. You can do it!! Stay positive and focus!! Start NOW!!! Never return home BROKE!!

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