SoulFresh Teamed Up With Cassimoney For A Brand New Song That Might Bring You To Tears (Press Play)

Soul Fresh ft. Cassimoney -Pain

Elections season is almost here, Liberian Politicians are gathering all their lies, putting them together to continue deceiving the poor.

The duo (SOULFRESH) has teamed up with rap sensation Cassimoney for a dope collabo. This is not just a great collabo, but the message behind the song is wonderful.

The wording was edited for a better clarification.

“PAIN” is a revolutionary mid temple hipco song
Produced by Stone Lucky Shine.

The song is inspired by Mama Liberia and her child current state. After decades of unfulfilled promises and hopeless hopes by political leaders to our 3rd world country. With all the natural recourses our land is blessed with but 80℅ of the voting population are still living in adjust poverty. These politicians got the power to make a change but due to their selfish and heartless behaviors, they refused to provide hope to the next generation. All they do is give out penny during election season and failed promises.

Fellow Liberians, our country is at war, not with guns but social, political, economical war. This song is a wake-up call to all Liberians around the world. 2017 is here…We need to Wise up. Let us not be carried away by beautiful words but actions. We need to sit in the present, reflect on the past and build the future.
The decision we all are going to make will determine the future for our children’s children, being good or bad.
Enough is enough!!!
We need a change
Yes, we can!!!

Every Liberians who’ve been crying and praying to GOD to heal our land from greedy leaders must press, play!

What do you think about “Pain”?

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