Rickslyn Myers distances as Artus Frank takes full ownership of “Big jue Season Movie”

On February 26, a movie trailer titled, “Big Jue Season ( We outside) was released by Artus Frank. The moment I saw the trailer , I became really excited....

On February 26, a movie trailer titled, “Big Jue Season ( We outside) was released by Artus Frank.

The moment I saw the trailer , I became really excited. I went right ahead and asked Mr. Frank to share it with me, which of course he agreed to. That same day because of my excitement, I went right ahead and downloaded the clip and shared on my blog.

To clarify, the name “big jue” has always been a LIBERIAN saying, however, when Rickslyn Myers did a video on September 2, 2021, where she talked about a gold nose ring and many other things; the video went viral, specifically within the Liberian community online. 

When I posted the movie trailer, I had mentioned in the caption section that the movie was inspired by a video Ms. Myers had done and posted on her page. To my understanding then, the video was about warning broke men to stay away from women. Apparently I was not the only person who thought the same. Many others including the producer, Artus Frank grabbed his own interpretation of what “Big Jue” is and that’s why he shot a movie based on that concept.

Anyway, from my end, it was all in good faith that I give her credit. I believe she branded the slogan on social media and should be given proper credit. What I had mentioned in my caption was not Ms. Myers definition of “Big jue”, which did not sit well with her so she approached my blog and clarified that the slogan has nothing to do with broke men wanting her and that she didn’t want to confuse the two. According to her that day, the slogan had nothing to do with “man business.”

My confusion came from another video she had posted months back. The video was deleted. This video was the one I had previously watched. But from her explanation that day, I understood her message behind her viral slogan and also re-edited my post but still gave her credit.

In her recent released statement from yesterday in which she specifically tagged some media houses including LSV, below is what she said inspired the name. 

…”Big Jue season came about as a result of a video I posted in September of 2021 when I acquired for free, a nose ring made of gold from a goldsmith dealer in reference to my influence and strong promotional skills, Big jue season should be about women(Big jues) in a positive light. “When we say somebody is a big jue, I want people to reference career women, young girls with ambitions and urges to move forward in life with a push for what they want. Dream chasers, Go getters of society, with influences that rebrand the many negative narratives about BIG JUES being a fraud or unserious women”. I also said to them, there are so many terms that have been used to wash women off their integrity and humble them! I wish as women of Liberia, we can use those very terms to rewrite our stories as women making progress individually, touching lives nation wide.”

As far as the upcoming movie which is scheduled to premiere on March 26 in Monrovia, LIBERIA at Monrovia City Hall, Ms. Myers says the movie producers had reached out to her for her support. 

…”The team explained to me that they wanted me to endorse the film because they’ve decided to name the film BIG JUE SEASON, a name that I have branded and “technically control”. I then asked to be briefed about what the movie was about. Amelia, one of the actresses in the movie explained that the movie was a summary of ‘FAKE LIFE’. In her words “lay whole movie is just about the fake life these children live as big jues mehn. Just faking it to make it. We geh gurls them in lay movie weh don’t even have anywhere to live, but they say they big jues. Lay other geh, her boyfriend she was in love with break her heart, so she turn to church mother, not knowing she was fake Christian who used to go to lay night club and all”.  

Ms Myers says after hearing the explanation of the movie, she had to catch herself and then she realized the movie does not represent what “BIG JUE” is all about.

“I asked of the team if it was possible for me to see the movie. That way, maybe I’ll get a clearer understanding of what the movie entails. Or at least, let me read the scripts if that’s possible. They then sent me on the spot, incomplete scripts of the film that I still have in my possession. I told them that wasn’t enough. 

…”They said the movie is being compiled and that by the time it’s done, they will be premiering. Which means there was no way possible I could see the film until it’s already out to the public. To avoid misunderstanding, I went on to let the team understand that I am more than willing to support anything big jue season related in good fate, but I needed them to grab that…”

According to her, after her explanation, they had ended on a good note and “agreement that they will get back to her on Wednesday, February 23rd of that week…” But to her surprise, the team did not comply with the agreement made between them during their first conversation. 

… “By Thursday, February 24th, there was a flyer out on social media with information that the film will be premiered on the 26th of March, 2022. Out of concern, I called Amelia the moment I saw the flyer and asked if they were still getting back to me. She said they still had the intention to get back to me before the release of the trailer.

“On February 26, the first trailer was released by the producer of the movie. That, plus the fact the the movie will be released in few days, has prompted my action to release this statement. 

I want to publicly announce that the BIG JUE SEASON that I represent, has absolutely nothing to do with the movie and the movie doesn’t have any connection whatsoever to what big jue season represents. I do hereby ask of every supporter of the BIG JUE SEASON to never look down upon themselves as per what the movie is about. You’re ambitious, you’re getting there, and you will get there. You’re not a fake. Youre a BIG JUE, a work in progress and you can tell your own story positively. 

With love, 

Rickslyn B. Myers(Big Jue CEO).”

After sharing the post, many people shared their feedback in her comments section: It was a mixed feelings from some. Some people advised her to go and trademark the slogan while others told her that she’s blowing things out of proportion.

I believe the reason she had to release a statement is because it was important for her to make people understand that what she had created was more than what had manifested into a movie. I mean, I thought the “big jue” slogan was definitely about high class women who aren’t interested in broke and hungry men. Now that she made that clear, it is up to an individual to define what the slogan means to him/her. I get it now and I think I like her explanation, however, I will still love to watch the upcoming movie because it’s all love and I am a big fan of supporting Liberian entertainment.

I’m sure by now Mr. Artus saw her statement so this morning he took to his page where he has shared two different posts with the same caption relating to the movie and the understanding of trademark. He takes full ownership of the movie including production rights. 

“From pre-production to production and post-production. 

BIG JUE SEASON is my baby. I also understand the legal nature of a TRADEMARK and that of COPYRIGHT. I can only pass a judgment on someone’s(Producer/Director) interpretation of their creative works which gives he/she direct ownership of that content/product, by experiencing the actual nature of the work. 


Is premiering on the 26th of march at the Monrovia City Hall 

Time: 5 pm

Come and experience a comedy thrilling drama that portrays the day-to-day lives of the BIG JUE’s and how they became prominent women in our society. 


What are your view concerning this ?

Posted by First Lady / Augustina Kou Monpleh



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