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Liberia Superstar Esau Owusu Dahnsaw

What many the world over term as “A Quantum Leap” is exactly what Liberia Superstar Esau Owusu Dahnsaw has taken in the twinkle of an eye. A Quantum leap is a leap of faith in making a daring move or decision when results are not even within your reach.

It is vividly clear and fresh on our minds how well he performed at The Next Movie Star reality television show in Nigeria in 2015 where he made Liberia and Liberians proud by emerging with three awards. He emerged as the show overall 3rd Runner-up, Mr. Game Changer and The Most Photogenic Competitor among 16 contestants drawn from across Africa.

His feat stands him tall above many and sets him apart as the very first Liberian contestant to have ever achieved such huge feat in what many dub The Lion’s den. But shortly upon his return to Liberia, he was treated to a rousing welcome by fellow Actor’s and Liberian Entertainers as the event was crowned with a special appreciation award from the Artus Frank Studios, which is owned and operated by legendary African Superstar Artus Frank who is also a Liberian by birth.

So the lights are on again as the Liberian wonder man has taken a bold step by moving to Nigeria to expand his budding Acting and Entertainment career in a bid to be a trailblazer, which he already is in Liberia.

The gifted Thespian was, shortly after the Next Movie Star show, nominated in the Best Actor category of The Liberian Entertainment Awards 2016 and his hit movie FREEDOM, also nominated in the Movie of the year category in Silver Spring, Maryland, The United States of America.

Leave no time to wonder as this fine young man has landed in Nigeria and has already acted in his first Nollywood Flick titled SHADES OF GREY, a television series set to hit Africa Magic television anytime soon. Quizzed on why he chose to abandon his comfort in Liberia for Nigeria, he clearly said “I did not abandon any comfort for Nigeria. My quest to Nigeria is to give Nigerian Producers a leadway into the Liberian Entertainment Market.”

According to him, “With my presence in any Nigerian movie arriving in Liberia, it will be accepted and taken by storm.” In 2011, Dahnsaw was nationally appreciated by President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf during her inaugural events. Terming him as a true patriot who has served his country on all fronts, beginning with his time in the Armed Forces of Liberia, the country’s national army, President Sirleaf urged him and other entertainers to continue doing their very best to help alleviate unemployment in Liberia through entertainment.

Although many attributed his tall performance in Freedom to his Military orientation, but this is one young man who has already started snatching roles at auditions in Nigeria and making a lasting impression upon Producers, Directors and even fellow Actor’s in Nollywood.

Till date, Dahnsaw has acted in over 15 movies in and outside Liberia and is determined to spread his tentacles as he hinted “I envision myself as an Actor for the world stage, not just an African Actor, but an international brand.”



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