Movie Premiere: “Skinned” Goes to Liberia

"If beauty is skin deep...what happens when we change the skin."

The movie “SKINNED” will be Premiering in Liberia, on June 18, 2016 at The Monrovia City Hall 7pm.


About “Skinned” : Is based on the epidemic of Third World countries belief that bleaching their skin is the best way to deal with the class system. Starring Jasmine Burke, Brad James, Van Vicker, Cycerli Ash and featuring Lisaraye McCoy.


“SKINNED” has been nominated for the Africa Movie Academy Awards also known as the AMAA. They’re nominated for “Best Film by an African Living Abroad (Liberia/USA)”. The awards ceremony will be happening on Saturday, June 11th in Lagos Nigeria. After the awards show in Nigeria, the cast will be heading to Liberia for the premiere.


Studio 11 Films, Divine Entertainment International and LOT 10 Productions presents the feature film “Skinned” Directed by Lisaraye McCoy and Co-Directed by Avery O Williams.

VIP ticket: $50

Regular ticket: $20

To learn more about this film :


Make sure you go out and support the movie and its cast members.





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