Meet Edlyn Toma Jones, an Ivy League Graduate of YALE University

I came, I saw, I turned up, and got that YALE degree in my hand!!

Edlyn Toma Jones is a native of Liberia, who migrated to the United States with her family to flee the country’s brutal civil war. She answered a call to ministry at the age of 17 and is a Licensed Minister in the American Baptist Churches, USA. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Saint Peter’s University with a double major in Theology and International Business in 2013. She is currently a candidate for the Master of Divinity degree from Yale University’s Divinity School. Her research and scholarship are focused on theology and trauma; the role religion played throughout the Liberian Civil War (its inception, continuation, and end); the faith, voices, and leadership of women in peacemaking and rebuilding efforts in Liberia; the spiritual and theological dimensions of war trauma; and the importance of faith communities in the healing, restoration, reconciliation, and redevelopment of war-torn African countries like Liberia. Jones is a recipient of numerous honors and fellowships including the Youth Ministry Initiative Fellowship from Yale’s Center for Faith and Culture for her commitment to holistic and transformative youth ministry; and a fellowship in recognition as a Leader in Ministry from The Forum for Theological Education. She is a member of Chi Alpha Epsilon Honor Society, Sigma Beta Delta International Honor Society, and Yale Black Seminarians. She is happily married to Ayodeji Adeosun and the newlywed couple resides in Newark, NJ.

In the gospel of John 1:46, Nathanael asked Philip, “Can any good thing come out of Nazareth?” As such there are many who when I began this journey and even during, wondered, “Can anything good come out of Liberia?!”

Just as Phillip answered Nathanael, I too say “Come and See!”
Today I beat EVERY odd. As a young woman born and raised in a brutal civil war, an asylee to the US, an immigrant, a Newark, NJ resident, I overcame every obstacle and graduated from one of the tops and most prestigious universities in the world!!

Auntie/Dr. Almeda Wright This woman carried me through Yale. My advisor and mentor. She officiated my wedding, covered me in prayer, wiped my tears, and always pushed me to my best. I wouldn’t have made it without her!

I came, I saw, I turned up, and got that YALE degree in my hand!! This is for Liberia.
We are more than war and Ebola.

This is for Newark.
We are more than statistics.
This is for every African.
We are not “booty scratchers.”
We are Ivy League. We too are YALE.

FYI: this is the flag that was draped over the casket of my grandfather, the Late Honorable Dr. David Dower Kpormakpor, Esq. ( former Interim President of Liberia and Supreme Court Justice) he told me this day would come before I could ever conceive of it. Thank you, Prof, for believing in me and being with along the way.

Photos of Edlyn Toma Jones

We’d like to send out double congratulations to our sister for working hard to achieve her goal. Thanks for helping to inspire our community.

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