LSV’s “Big Jue Season”( We Outside) movie Review

The movie Big Jue Season (2022) premiered on March 26, at Monrovia City Hall.The movie was produced by Amelia Cole, directed by notable actor, Artus Frank, who also appeared...

The movie Big Jue Season (2022) premiered on March 26, at Monrovia City Hall.
The movie was produced by Amelia Cole, directed by notable actor, Artus Frank, who also appeared in four scenes, and was written by Benjamin Franklin. The film was produced for more than just pleasure; it also illustrates the way of life of some women in Liberia and imparts moral lessons.  

The story revolves around the lives of three young Liberian ladies who reside in Liberia’s capital city of Monrovia: Ma Mary who Amelia Cole plays, Korpo played by Vivian Davis and Ma Zoe played by Edsia Inita Lolin. The three of them live in a one-bedroom, which is unfinished. All three of them seem to come from similar backgrounds with similar personalities. As informative as the movie is, it shows the condition of the lives of the women and some of the things they have to do in order for them to survive daily in Monrovia.

The film also demonstrates the fallibility of human nature. It also draws attention to Christians and how they occasionally use their faith as justification for bad behavior. The phrase “Don’t judge a book by its cover” is mentioned since that is how Amelia Cole’s persona first came across, and her two friends, who were more accepting of their promiscuous lifestyle, were judged more harshly by their neighbors than the woman who was feigning religion. She was even more versed in the Bible than the majority of Christians that live in whole society today.

The playing of Liberian music is something I appreciate. The movie was shot well, picture, audio, acting, and editing were all top-notch. There’s a particular scene at a club where witty hipco singer Natif who’s known for making the hit song, “Story” made a cameo appearance, it was a great surprise. One of the finest parts of watching the movie is the fresh music that was featured in each scene. Additionally, I liked their use of Koloqua and how relatable and realistic it is. The movie is something familiar.


This film, Big Jue Season ( We outside), is significant because it raises public awareness of socioeconomic problems and the daily battles of life in Monrovia and Liberia at large. There is a need for us to address some of these concerns, such as prostitution, and assist in shaping our youngsters, particularly girls, into better members of society. In one scene from the movie, Ma Mary (played by Amelia Cole), who is good at acting overly religious, is discovered by her friends, who subsequently take her in, and she later explains why she had to be dishonest while living as a righteous woman whom everyone respected.

Source: Artus Frank (Facebook)

Everything has a purpose, and this is the ideal illustration of the advice to “not judge others too fast” because you never know what they have gone through.

Although it doesn’t say, this is the only lifestyle you can choose, the movie does say that you can either choose to live an honest life or you can live a fake life and be miserable. It also demonstrates the significance and impact that the three women had in drawing attention to and serving as a wake-up call to the struggles that some women in Monrovia go through just to put food on the table. Whatever you’re dealing with, there’s always a better way, and it starts at home.

In conclusion, the movie did extremely well in creating awareness by highlighting the untold stories of some women living in Liberia. While it was fun to watch and laugh at the same time, I also took away some valuable lessons, which are making sure to be grateful for the help given by friends and that regardless of how you live your life, it’s better to be an honest one and there’s no reason for you to be something you are not.

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Written by First Lady/ Augustina Kou Monpleh



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