Lincoln TheLegend Ward Has Created A New Leading App To Promote Liberian Music GLOBALLY

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Lincoln The Legend Ward, is an innovator, entrepreneur, radio personality, professional graphic web developer. He is also the founder/Ceo of The man basically does everything! Lincoln has created “Wlojii app” on Google play to create a global experience for Liberian music.

“Wlojii” is a global, experiential, Liberian Music platform built for fans, directly from Liberian artists around the world. “Wlojii” members enjoy exclusively curated content that directly connect artists with their fans in multiple ways. The Platform offers high-fidelity, CD sound quality music, an opportunity to discover new artists and new Liberian music.

Wlojii app

Wlojii app

Here is the best news of all, you are able to Login, listen to available playlists or create your own. Be a part of The Wlojii Community.

I clearly remember back then when people used to give many reasons why they weren’t supporting Liberian music. Well, now you basically don’t have any excuse. The struggle to put our music out there is still a challenge, however having app like this is amazing! Now you have 1 platform where you can listen to only the best of the best Liberian music right in your bedroom, living room, etc… Is Lincoln cool or what? Bravo!!!

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