Liberia’s Chalk and Easel Printing Press

"The Daily Talk" need Financial support.

Alfred Sirleaf runs “The Daily Talk” in downtown Monrovia. It is a chalkboard that he updates daily with local and international news. His main goal is to help educate the people of Liberia about what is happening in society. For those who can’t read, he will read the articles aloud. Without a major backer, his only financial support comes from local donations.


The Daily Talk has operated for the past eleven years without a steady flow of income. Its operation expenses include chalk to write stories, board maintenance, vehicle repairs and gasoline, phone cards to reimburse reporters for their communication costs, and internet and printing costs. The Daily Talk lacks a steady source of funding, however, relying on sporadic in-kind donations and grants. If you have benefited from reading the news on this site and would like to help maintain The Daily Talk as a free source of news for Liberians, please consider donating.

To donate online with a credit card through Paypal, please click HERE.

To send a check, wire funds, or donate materials to The Daily Talk, please contact or +231 6473473067 for more information.





African Stars ViewEntertainment

Liberian stars view was founded by Ms. Augustina Kou Monpleh in 2005, LSV started in an effort to create a medium through which the Liberian entertainment industry could attain some publicity. The company focus on showcasing the Liberian entertainers in the music, films, fashion, and general entertaining industry.