Liberians Got to be the Most Brainwashed Species of People on the face of the Earth – Kewelleh Dollen

Liberian Entertainers, we've got to put our house in ORDER!!!

Sometimes when people express their disappointments in a particular thing, that’s because they’ve been longing for change. Can we conclude that Liberians themselves are the solutions to their underdeveloped entertainment industry problems?

Kewellen Dollen, who is one of the main brain responsible for promoting Liberian entertainment In the United States, back in 2008, has voiced his disappointments about radios in Liberia not paying enough Liberian music.

Mr. Dollen now live in between Liberia and United States.

Seven-hours ago, the “Imported Bride” filmmaker posted:

“You should come to Liberia and listen to the radios and night clubs. Liberians got to be the most brainwashed species of people on the face of the earth.. they play all kinds of useless music except Liberian music. American music I have not heard on American radios for more than 30 years are the top playing music here. Naija music next and Liberian artists music are on the back bench. No country mistreat themselves with stupidity as compare to this my country. They talking about we go have to play other music. They play yor own?…stupid people!”

I’ve spoken with many living outside of Liberia who’ve visited and they’ve all admitted to listening to music, especially ‘American’ and other African countries music that they haven’t listened to over twenty-plus-years, Liberian radios personalities are still heavily playing those music.

Does American artists pay them to heavily play these foreign music?

Can something be done for this ongoing problem? Yes!

The Liberian Music Union have to get their house in order!

In fact, the entire Entertainment Industry need to put their house in order!

This way, we can write a bill and send it to the President , where he can pass a law that will enable radio personalities to limit foreign music.

If we cannot put our house in order, how will we ever be taken serious?

So our question here is, Are we stopping ourselves from growth? Let’s hope not!

I’ve also suggested that we have our first ‘entertainers convention’ next year in Liberia.

Share your thoughts and let us know what you think about what he said.




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