Liberians consume rice more than “Dumboy” & Akon declares “Liberia makes the Best Jollof”

This article was originally written on my Facebook blog page (Liberian stars view) on October 23. It was written in respond to a post shared by another blog Africa...
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This article was originally written on my Facebook blog page (Liberian stars view) on October 23. It was written in respond to a post shared by another blog Africa Files Reports on the platform claiming that “Dumboy” is Liberian people official food and that “Jollof Rice” is credited in Nigeria. This was my attempt in correcting whoever made the flyer.

Source: Africa Files Reports (Facebook)

Jollof was created in Senegal, not Nigeria or Ghana, hence it is not their property.
According to Wikipedia and Akon (video below), “the origins of jollof rice can be attributed to the Senegambian region, spanning parts of today’s Senegal, The Gambia, and Mauritania, where rice was grown, in the 14th century.”

Secondly, yes, Dumboy (fufu) is just among some of the traditionally made food Liberians eat but it is not our main food.

Rice is the Liberian people’s main food. We eat rice with different traditionally made soups like cassava leaf, potatoes green, palava sauce, okra soup, palm butter soup, bitter leaves soup, ground pea soup, pumpkin soup, eggplant soup, bitter balls soup, pepper soup, etc…

In Liberia, there are three tribes ( Mah , Dan, and Bassa) that are popularly known for cooking fufu, gb, dumboy, or depa. For the record, they are all made from the root of the cassava leaf.

In many Liberian household, people eat Dumboy, fufu, GB, etc… maybe one to two times a week and the rest are rice for the rest of the week, therefore, it is no longer unique to those tribes mentioned above. Most Liberians, including me, cannot live without rice. We eat rice from Monday to Sunday with different soups and we will repeat this for the following week/month. Try telling a Liberian man no rice in ly (the) country and see what happens.

Have you been following the recent rice shortage in Liberia? People were even planning to protest. Lol… if I was there I would also join. I have never seen a Liberian who will tell you he/she doesn’t like rice. If you do, please point them out. Until then, “Dumboy” is a part of our food we love but we can survive without it. RICE! RICE! RICE!!

With that being said, I will like to add that among all the other African countries that claimed to cook Jollof Rice better, Liberia is the only country that makes it better. If you want to argue, please ask AKON who also acknowledged Liberia for cooking delicious Jollof.

For the people wondering, ‘when did Akon say such?’ well, watch the video below:

Until then, shout to Senegal for being the original inventor.

Written by First Lady/ Augustina KOU Monpleh



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