Liberian stars views’ Exclusive: Newlywed Princess announces pregnancy

Infectious Michael Is Expecting Another Child with Wife (Happy Fathers Day)

There’s a new baby Dennis on the way!

Princess Dennis, awards-winning music producer, Infectious Michael’s wife, exclusively announced to us on Monday, June 11th, that she and husband are expecting their first child, due in November.

The couple officially tied the knock on February 14, in Maryland by doing a private court ceremony with their close families.

Photo from private court wedding, which took place in February.

The couple pictured with two of their kids (living with them) on their wedding day.

The Couple already have four kids. Two from Princess’ previous relationship and two from Infectious’ past relationship.

“We are very much excited to welcome our new bundle of joy,” Princess, told us. She said that she already knew she was pregnant before Infectious could even think about it.


“Us women know our body, But I had to make sure it was not false alarm. So, I took a test at work and he was in Arizona at the time that was right after our wedding. He was supposed to be in AZ for a month, but he came back home a day after I told him… Lol… because he did not want me doing no work at all.”

Princess told us she and Michael decided to keep the surprise by not knowing the baby’s sex. “Girl or boy, we’ll love it equally,” she added.

We’ll like to congratulate the couple on their incoming bundle of joy and we pray that God continue to strengthen your bond.

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