Liberian females are being exploited by foreign event planners

By: Jay U Boye, of Liberian Stars View Nigerians and Ghanaians so-called event planners have found a place where they can exploit their victims. For almost a decade now...

By: Jay U Boye, of Liberian Stars View

Nigerians and Ghanaians so-called event planners have found a place where they can exploit their victims. For almost a decade now the Ghanaian entertainment industry has lost it’s credibility to quality entertainment for it’s fans. Causing them little or no earnings from their entertainment industry. Mewhile, some so-called event planners in Ghana have been capitalizing on the gullibility of female Liberians who are dreaming to make it in mainstream entertainment in Africa and exploiting them off their hard-earned money.

These event planners would propose to these Liberians, mostly women to have them nominated for an award or have them part of a competition like the “Big brother Naija” and in the process request some huge amount from them excluding their air tickets, hotel and welfares. Those whom are eager for fame and social media attention would go beyond their means to raise those funds.

They get carried away by the hype these So-called foreign event planners give them via phone calls or WhatsApp messages, without doing a background check of the event. All my time spent in these foreign industries, let me share with you few details you need to know as to whether an event or show is legit.

  1. Google about the event and see how many big blogs have blogged about them. Make sure they are renown blogs.
  2. Know what television channel is airing the event on DSTV. Make sure they are not local television channels. Start being skeptical when the planner tells you it will also be air on one of your local televisions in Liberia.
  3. Know which brands are sponsoring the event or show. Make sure it’s a renown brand and a one that’s easily recognizable.

These three reason should be key to your inquiries before going into any foreign event or show. Our latest victims were of the Africa megastar held in Accra, Ghana. From the very beginning I tried to talk one of the Liberian contestants out of the idea of going for the show but she had made up her mind and wasn’t ready to let go.

I started making my investigation to know the legitimacy of the show. I contacted them on how the show was going to be aired but they kept flip-flopping. On one occasion they’ll say “it will be aired on dstv Channel XYZ” and later another channel. I kept monitoring both DSTV and Gotv but none of these channels they listed broadcasted the show. The worse part, where the show is being hosted “Ghana”, no blog posted about it. You don’t even get to see their sponsors by mistake by a billboard or television ads. See screenshots below on our conversation.

During the show from one of their videos posted on their page, you can see one of their contestants during a dairy section, which I believe was staged, practically begging viewers and the public to trust the show and the organizers and as well to keep voting, which in my mind proves the untrustworthiness of the show. No legit event/show does that. The show didn’t go a week and contestants started complaining of lack of food, organizers asking contestants for money and so on. I was informed by my source that contestants got fed up and started leaving the show. Watch video below

Many of our Liberian “Class A” celebrities are victims of these exploitation and this article is to shine a light on this diabolical act. It’s about time this comes to a stop. Soon our celebrities will get stranded in one of these countries and things might just get worse. No one is immune to this sort of exploitation. It’s happening to people around us, people we look up to, people dreaming to become somebody, let’s protect them by informing them. Sometimes due to their stubbornness they might never listen but then when we allow them to make the mistake, it might be too late for them to learn from it.



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