Liberian Comedian, “Birth Certificate” is unapologetically, speaking Koloqua in Nollywood to put Liberia on the World Map

If you know and follow popular Liberian comedian, “Birth Certificate Comedy”, you know that since he started doing comedy, he has always spoken pure Koloqua (Local Liberian English) and...

If you know and follow popular Liberian comedian, “Birth Certificate Comedy”, you know that since he started doing comedy, he has always spoken pure Koloqua (Local Liberian English) and his tongue remain the same as he continued to work hard to gain international recognition.

The comedian who currently lives between Liberia and Nigeria has been releasing new comedy skits back to back, which featured popular Nigerian comedians like Mark Angel of Mark Angel comedy, Mr. Azu Comedy, Mr. Doctall Kingsley, who is known for the saying, “This Life No Balance”, etc…

The comedian who just revealed his real name via Facebook messenger, Robert G Saye to me today after declining to do an exclusive interview with me last month.

On the 13th of April, I had reached out to him to do an exclusive interview with him about his international career in comedy but he declined. 

His reasons: “Right now my team is not accepting an interview for me o. Our hands are open for sponsorship for our upcoming project for now.”
I then responded, ‘Okay’, he replied, “Thanks.”

The reason I had reached out for an interview was due to a post he shared that same day about reaching out to “[big name Nigerian actors] Aki and the pawpaw manager said to me Birth certificate give us 1.5 million for the feature. I ask them where I’m getting it from. Is approximately 3,000USD + ..This life has no balance.”

I guess this experience was an eye-opener for the comedian. Apart from the above reason, he’s obviously doing well, his platform is growing and I just felt he needed more international exposure, as our readers are from around the world and not only Liberia. 

Although he said that right now he’s only “open” for “sponsorship”, I still feel that what he’s doing needs some highlights. 

The comedian who does not hesitate to let people know that he’s from Nimba, Karnwee, to be exact, started shooting comedy skits in Liberia with another member (who is no longer seen in any of his recent videos), and posting on their Facebook page. One of their popular skits together titled, “Liberian Adam and Eve in the Garden”, which now has 18k views on Facebook.

Today, the comedian took to his Facebook page where he shared, “Congratulations to me.Within the period of 1 year I have feature[d] 7 top comedians in Nigeria without a management team.Is there anything too hard for the Lord?”

Looks like things are going well with the comedian, However, he still needs more subscribers as he stands to start earning some valuable revenue for his hard-work. 

I have seen many Liberians talk down on how we speak and it always makes me feel somewhat disappointed to see our brothers and sisters behave in such a manner. I always say to myself, ‘no matter where we were born and raised, all things Liberia is who we are and will always be, therefore, we might as well embrace it now and stay focus on promoting ourselves in and outside of Liberia to the fullest.’

One thing I’ve noticed is that, being your authentic self, will have people wondering about who you are and this is exactly what this comedian is doing. Speaking Koloqua and making waves in Nigeria. Way to go my brother.

Go and subscribe to his YouTube channel and support his work!

Written by First Lady/ Augustina Kou Monpleh



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