Liberian Born Singing Sensation Set To Dazzle in the U.S

January, 2017 – Born in Liberia, singer, and songwriter, Kharacta, Davies James Nuni Papay Yea, is gradually finding his foot in the music sphere in the U.S, setting a...

January, 2017 – Born in Liberia, singer, and songwriter, Kharacta, Davies James Nuni Papay Yea, is gradually finding his foot in the music sphere in the U.S, setting a good stage for a long lasting music career success. His music style is forged by his experience growing up while being moved from one country to another during several civil unrests in Africa, and his exposure the American ways of doing things.
As a child, according to his Mother’s records. Whenever he and his friends would play, He was the pastor, a choir director or the lead singer of his groups. Kharacta was known for his crying, and when people would try to talk ill of his crying, his mother would say “A crying child usually turns out to be a good singer” and according to Kharacta, music has been his passion for as long as he’s known himself.

“I started singing at a very Yung age; I couldn’t even tell you if I wanted to because I can’t remember myself. But I’d remember my mother did tell me as a kid whenever my friends and I would play; I was usually the pastor, the choir director or the lead singer of our groups. I was usually playing drums using a bucket as I sang.” Says Kharacta

He says further, “It even got to a point where everyone in the neighborhood would say I’m crazy including my siblings who would even tell me I’m annoying and that I might turn out to be one of those useless drunks usually laying along the streets singing, but it has turned the other way round in the way everyone least expected.”

Upon arrival in the United States, Kharacta attended Ben Davis High School and the
American Institute of Business, studying business administration (management). In 2012
Kharacta relocated to Iowa where he made his first official song, a cover to Bracket ft J Martins “Ada Owerri” “Yo Yo” which led to him and three other artists forming “Baller’s Nation” which later on broke apart in 2014 due to a mutual agreement.
Kharacta got introduced to Bazon Records CEO by fellow ex co-group member in 2015 and based on his hard work and consistency; he got signed by “Bazon Records LLC”.
2016 Kharacta made headlines with his Hit single “FATIMA” which got air play around the world and in his home country Liberia which led to him getting booked to be an opening art to Nigerian Artist “Kcee”.

Kharacta then followed up with another hit “Liberian Girl” and then again led to him being booked to perform at Dinho’s baby shower before releasing his latest single “They Don’t Know” off his upcoming EP “The Hidden Treasure” which is due mid-2017.

They Don’t Know

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