Now that Lonestar Cell MTN brand ambassador, Quincy B is no more; the company has decided to pick another talent as their brand ambassador. Which is such an amazing opportunity for...

Now that Lonestar Cell MTN brand ambassador, Quincy B is no more; the company has decided to pick another talent as their brand ambassador. Which is such an amazing opportunity for Liberian entertainers? JB  who is the other half of Shinning Man took to Facebook to express himself about how he feels the way in which the company decided to pick their new ambassador.

It is very important to understand that these type of opportunity never used to be available for musicians. Now that it is happening little by little; their judgemental comments might make them stop. Your duty is to be an entertainer. Which includes, entertaining, getting business opportunities to be able to live on those opportunities. That’s how other major artists like Wizkid, Rihanna, Sarkordie, etc… live.

Before you read what he wrote, you have to understand that Lonestar Cell MTN is a company owned by someone. It is not owned by Liberia. Therefore, if they are now willing to sponsor one artist, this alone should motivate others to work harder to be able to have access to more opportunities. Lonestar Cell MTN have the right to pick its brand ambassador whichever way it chooses. Every little progress; should be seen as a major progress. It is about time people stop this too many talks and let this industry grow. Read what he posted earlier this morning.

I appreciate the fact that Lonestarcell Mtn wants to support Liberian artists as next Brand Ambassador since the death of the late legend Ambassador Quincy L. Burrowes, may his soul rest in peace.
But the manner in which they are doing it by putting the artists and the fans against each other in SMS competition is degrading and making the artists feel that they are hungry to be Ambassadors.
I don’t know about these artists that have already started posting their pictures with LonestarCell Mtn logo, wasting their time and internet data promoting the company free indirectly. But for me JB Soul fresh and my boy Shining Man representing Soul Fresh, we’ve passed that level long time. No disrespect.
Looking at our track records, our CVs and a number of fans that respond to our music and events
You don’t need rocket scientists to tell you that we can serve in that capacity with respect and not with sympathy.
And not only us but other great artists and household names like DenG, Flex Sirleaf, New Eric Geso, New Pck & L’Frankie My’man Jodi Clarke Jr. Christopher working Korte Kobazzie Bazzie #CIC etc.. who are already well known and branded.
In this light, I want to openly recommend to #LoneStarCellMTN to bring artists to the table and discuss business. Because anybody can say vote for me but not anybody can represent.
We follow other countries and we are schooled to the standard of being Ambassadors, the advantages, and disadvantages plus the responsibilities attached.
Let us not do it the quote on quote ‘Liberian way’.
With that being said, I still support the process and will also support any artist that becomes a winner, who knows I could be the one but sorry to say especially to our fans, we don’t ask or beg people to support us, those days are gone.
We straight into the music business, we get paid to promote businesses.
We are open to working with whoever that want to work with us in this way.

Photo Source: JB (Facebook)

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