Jay U Boye’s Reviews of MLMA 2019

So far the best award ceremony ever held for the Liberian entertainment home and abroad.

Jay U Boye’s reviews of the MLMA

I give the MLMA 80% this year

So far the best award ceremony ever held for the Liberian entertainment home and abroad.

First I will start with the organisation and design of the redcarpet. So far this is the best  red carpet design for a Liberian award in and out of the country. The organisation of the red carpet was the best so far in Liberia’s entertainment history. The organisers did not mance with the carpet and that was great. Before the event my anxiety to see the redcarpet presenter performs was too high. Well I do not want to punish him with my reviews much cause I realized it’s his first presentation ever for any event and someone has to start from somewhere some how.

I will give his confidence 75%, his performance 75%. Though there were repeat of questions to the red carpet attendees which made it boring at some point. I will give his custome 100%. He was presentable on the redcarpet and his outfit conformed with a prestigious event as the MLMA. One situation you will experience on a redcarpet that is unprofessional is the presenter shaking the redcarpet attendees’ hands and taping them on the back. That of course was One of his flaws! Never shake hands on or touch a star on the redcarpet.  One situation that is always awkward and will take some great deal of classes for interviewees is the fact that, they always want to do the presenter’s job by trying to take the Mic when they are being interviewed on the red carpet. Y’all please leave the Mic oooo the presenter will hold it for y’all. So far he was good on the redcarpet.

Let’s get to the event hall and venue. I must commend the organisers for selecting that venue, at some point one would think it was an international event. The hall gave a classic representations to the event. Basically the 4syte Ghana music award and the MTN Liberia Music Award were happening at the same time and I was constantly switching between events watching them at the same time one after the other. I didn’t see much difference, if not MLMA venue was much better than 4Syte GMA.

The organisers were wrong in terms of seating. The show was about the artistes. It was about shinning a light on their hard work over the years, it was about celebrating their hard work, it was about honouring them. That’s the reason they deserved the front seats. Even the President of Liberia does not deserves that more than them. No one could had paid more courtesy to the artistes than they themselves. When an artiste is performing on an award ceremony organised for artistes, other artistes are expected to show courtesy by standing up and when the front seats do that, everyone in the audience are left with no choice but to do the same. It gives prestige, importance and respect to the industry. It shows how important a country takes it’s music industry. Even artistes that are beefing usually stand up when sitting in the front during their rivals performances. The only people that are expected in the front seats are artistes and well-known celebrities in the country. I would rate them 40% on that.

The organisers also forgot to have seats fillers and for that when someone leaves the seat it remained empty and when watching live seeing those empty seats look out of order. Even when someone leaves to presents, you must have someone standing by to occupy the seat till that presenter is back.

The female host is fast becoming a pro. Her artistics, stage craft, communications with the audience, her diction, her confidence, were all in place except she could not move around the stage to communicate to every facet of the audiences because of the choice of costumes. Sort costume belongs on the redcarpet and not suitable for the stage as a host. Presenters can use those sort of costumes cause they are always in one spot to present on the stage not the host.

Organisers did well to add guest presentations but erred with some selections. Master queen’s professional presentation was not a surprise cause we all know it is her career and we knew she would have come through and inspire us all which she definitely did. I think the MLMA female host learned a lot from her. Some presenters did well but one presenter that surprised me the most was Monique Yhalp. She was so professional in her presentation as if she was in Hollywood and at the same time caught Cypha d king off guard but he was fast to catch up and presented brilliantly.

The DJ and the technical team was at some point unprofessional. They were interrupting presenters with abrupt sound during presentations. They would as well keep the host’s mic on when she’s back stage and having private conversations. That was totally wrong.

One of my disappointments were the fact I didn’t get to see disporan Liberian winning any of the awards. They are many that released great tracks this year. Like Gospel artiste Bernice Blackie and other secular artistes like Snoti, Mai Myers and many more. I don’t hold that against the organisers as they clearly stated it was based on votes.

The over all so far is that this year’s MLMA was the best of all awards ceremonies both in the diaspora and home. I am rating it an 80%




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