Actress Catherine reveals sex of her third child with Husband

Third time the Charm!

Lib Actress Catherine Lemu, and her husband, Derrick Dwill Lemudinho, previously announced they are expecting their third child. The young couple — who married in September 2015 — are already parents to two beautiful little girls.


Read her Facebook post:

“OMG I got my blood work result back. I took other tests that said I was having a boy, but I still wasn’t sure.. The blood work is the final and most accurate. My Husband finally score lol WE ARE HAVING OUR SON…. TWO PRINCESSES AND ONE PRINCE# I came out with a 3.66 GPA when I only needed 3.0 .. I’m so hype .. OMG WE TURING UP…. BABY SHOWER BABY SHOWER….!!!!!!


We will like to congratulate the happy couple on their baby news!




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