How AG DA Profit Hit Major Streaming on his Music

In every entertainment industry, there are certain people who tirelessly work for respect and their work to be heard/seen and of course later be able to make some good...

In every entertainment industry, there are certain people who tirelessly work for respect and their work to be heard/seen and of course later be able to make some good amount of living off of it. In this case, we’re gonna focus directly on music. 

Why do some entertainers make it far off in their career while others continue to struggle to even get a group of people to listen to their sound?
Although the Liberian entertainment industry as a whole is still trying to rise from grass to Grace, there are entertainers, specially, musician like AG Da profit who has not only figured out how to get his music to the Liberian and Sierria Leonean people but he has discovered some important secrets that other artistes from countries like Nigeria, Uganda, Ghana, etc.. have been applying. 
If you heard the song “Zico” then you definitely know the singer behind the hit. AG Da Profit is a Liberian-Sierra Leonean artiste based in the U.S. . The moment “Zico” was released in 2017, it became an instant hit, however, he was not just okay with the song being just a hit in the Liberian and Sierra Leonean community but was able to reached out to one of Sierra Leone biggest influencer named Marjo Bona, who is a professional Afro-dancer who also helped to push the music during her dance sessions.

Alongside with another dancer, they shot a video that also pushed the song to a wider range of audience. In a short time, the video hit 1M views on YouTube
After “Zico”, AG Da Profit collaborated with other artistes and he released few other songs including “Samba”, which also did well. The artiste has not only figured out what excite people but he has chosen to do dance-able song/beat that can be play in clubs and streets as well. His songs are so catchy that even if you don’t understand what he’s saying, you’ll be able to dance just by following the beat. AG DA Profit has brand his music in a way other people from different countries can easily identify with him as artiste. Whoever thought Koloqua/Krio will be this delicious all in their own raw forms?

Due to these methods he applies, all of his songs streams are increasing daily. For example, his latest single, “Inside” now has over 100,000 streams.

This is so admirable of the artiste, so we reached to him to get some inside scoop on how he go about his promotion. Below he shared some amazing easy tips:

“I had to switch to digital Marketing.The guy that works with Davido is currently my marketer…(Paul ).
He watch my video from Ecool .. and he hit me up about the song Zico. Asking why the song is not moving bigger numbers digitally. That’s how I explain to him about not really knowing the procedures about getting ur songs on playlists and all that. So he vow to work with me . We started with getting Zico on bigger playlist on Spotify and iTunes and also audiomack. So far we are doing extremely well. And I noticed the amount $ in my tunecore account.”

Awesome. Are you making money though?

“The new single “ Inside “ we started out by pushing it on audiomack because most Africans countries back home focus on audiomack now , and audiomack plays count towards billboard top 100. Yes, sure But it takes money to make money.
The new song also is trending in Liberia. It’s the hottest song in LIB currently. We did it with street to street …club to club moves. And next week we will start involving bloggers. That’s the strategy.”

So, there you have it, some of these little tips could just be somethings you needed to started applying to your own brand to make it better and work for you. Share your thought.




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