The movie is about Africa. The corruption and the deprivation that has engulfed Africa for far too long has to be put on blast.

A young African Prince was sent by his parents to study abroad in the white man’s land after so many years of staying and learning the white man’s education, he decided to come back home to his people. The arrival of the prince created a very powerful and unsettled rebuttal due to his stance against ill-treatment of Africa.

How can a continent as huge and with so many natural resources that God has blessed it with become the least among others? The leaders of Africa steals from Africa and go to the white man’s land and opened offshores account depriving her people from busy services such as good infrastructures, good schools, good healthcare delivery system and opportunity for all..

Yet they keep borrowing money from the white man in the name of helping African and plunging African countries in debts to their neck for the next generation to be responsible for. The worst of it all is, these are politicians that have traveled and even became educated in the white man’s land came back home to used their education to plunder the resources and deprive her people with impunity.

This movie ThinkBack is a story of our time that has been untouched for far too long. It’s about time African hears this to awaken our spirit and say to our leaders it is too much! We have too many wonderful resources in Africa then any other people in this world but yet we keep on begging for assistance for others.

Just the few are enjoying these vast resources in Africa rendering the rest in abject poverty. Students graduate school with absolutely no future. African running all over the world for a better life why should it be that way? ThinkBack movie is about Africa and its people! www.thinkbackmovie.com

The movie world premiere is set for the first week in October 2018, at the Global cinema in Accra, Ghana  since it was shot in that region the team have decided to launch it from there first after that, then Liberia and other countries will follow. It’s already adopted for 2019 Sundance films festival and audience choice awards..

Bobby Valantino Hollywood Actor, TONY HANS, AGOGO & JOE from Beast of No Nation,Bumba Ibrahim,Vanessa S Prempeh etc

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