(GGG) Giant German Gina – Mikel Jentzsch

German-Liberian actor/comedian

The Giant German Gina (GGG) is the only white man who speaks perfect Liberian colloquial English. He revived the almost extinct art of African storytelling- using ancient funny animal tales about spiders, leopards and monkeys trickery and jokes to educate his viewers and remind them of old forgotten moral values. The only white man with a Liberian mouth!

The story behind the Giant German Gina (GGG)! “Blood Brothers- Our Friendship in Liberia” is the autobiographical bestselling book by Michael Jentzsch


Blood Brothers- Our Friendship in Liberia
by Michael Jentzsch (Author), Benjamin Kwato Zahn (Author)

Blood Brothers bestselling book by Mikel Jentzsch (GGG- Giant German Gina) and Benjamin Kwato Zahn. An amazing African story depicting the power of friendship. A bestseller in Germany. Mikel Jentzsch lived in Liberia as a child 1983-1990. Due to the war he fled to Germany. In 2011 he was awarded the Golden Image Award of Liberia by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for promoting Liberia in Europe. Mikel is the SOS Children’s Village Ambassador for Liberia in Germany. He gained internet recognition with telling funny old animal parables and jokes in original Liberian kollowkwa English.



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