From The Motherland to Oversea, How are celebrities around the world celebrating Mother’s Day?

Yes! we all adore our mothers all year long, but having one special day marked as Mother’s Day allows us to take a moment out of the busy life...

Yes! we all adore our mothers all year long, but having one special day marked as Mother’s Day allows us to take a moment out of the busy life to celebrate the person who has made so many secrifices for us.

The day highlights the importance of mothers in our lives and many people reminisce about how their mothers have played a crucial role in making them who they are. Some mark the occasion by taking their mothers out to lunches and dinners, while others present them with surprises and gifts.

Check out what some major names from the Motherland to oversea, are wishing their mothers!

Deddeh went hiking with her Mother and posted a Sweet Message.

Thank for being so amazing and inspiring me to be the woman I am today. Thanks for being my mama.. you’re the best, happy Mother’s Day to my strong and beautiful mama. Garwu Howard Knuckles (Juwel).

CIC posted a Photo of himself on the beach cooling off. He posted with the caption:

TO God Be the Glory..Happy Mothers Day to all the sweet Mothers. Much Love..#CIC #SOGRECORDS

2C aka Lib Backbone posted a cute purple flower and then ended Mother’s Day with a Brand New Song dedicated to his Mother. Awww…Happy Mother’s Day to all the loving and caring mothers all over the world. Just know you guys are always appreciated.

Watch the video here:

Josephine rarely posts her mother’s photos’ online. Today, she decided to show appreciation to her mother by posting her photo/message. Aww… so adorable!

Who runs the world? Mum. Happy Mother’s Day to the world best mother. Every day is mother day for me as I’ll always put you first in everything I do. May God bless you with long life, happiness and prosperity. My beautiful “Comfort ” Job well done to having 9 kids we are all very much blessed to be your children we love you forever happy Sunday everyone.

Although Danieline Moore is still in her Wedding celebration mood, she took time and finally unveiled her son’s photo with a sweet short message.

There is no other love like a mother’s love for her child. My angel my life.

DenG proves that with all the musical talent, he is still a Momma’s boy.

I Love you Mama!! HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all Mothers.

Unlike other celebrities; Catherine Lemu spends Mother’s Day with her family including her mother at their church where she posted that all mothers were honored and her husband ended up serving her food as a celebration of him showing appreciation to his darling wife.

Moses Swaray’s message to his wife.

Just wanna take this time and thank u for been the best mom in the world to our girls. Your ability to preserve in dark days, your strength, your courage show it all. You’ve been and continue to be a great mother.. Happy Mother’s Day..

As most of you are aware, Benji Cavalli just became a father again with girlfriend Carlyn. He posted three different photos with a different message for his mother, beu, and sister. How sweet. Congrats on your newborn.

Bleejay Innis, with his fine self, decided to take his lovely mom Irene Innis to dinner. OMG!

Life doesn’t come with a manual but thank God it comes with a mother. Happy Mother’s Day mom; thank you for all you do and for who you are.

Mapillar Dahn Celebrated herself, mother, grandma, aunty, and sister.

Happy Mothers Day to my grandmother and my mom. Thanking my grandmother for giving birth to this wonderful daughter who came to be our mother. Thanking God for entrusting us to you. Bernice Dahn you’ve done a fantastic job as not only a mother, but as a grandmother, sister, daughter, friend, aunty, you are pretty awesome! You are loved by so many and we appreciate you for the gem that you are!
Happy Mother’s Day Mama Bear ❤❤.

Sweetz aka The First Lady has a brand New Sister whom she chose to honored on Mother’s Day.

Happy Mother’s Day to my newest big sister Salamartu Duncan
I 😍 you…
Your one of my biggest supporters… you never forget about me and you allow me to be a “big girl” lol whenever I’m around you… your honestly like the big sister I never had…
Your funny, sexy and cool…
I think your a wonderful person
And I wan be jes like you when I grow up lol

Brigitte Rouhana decided to give a shout to all the Gentlemen who are playing the Dad and Mother’s role.

Congratulations to all father’s who made mother’s day possible. Happy mother’s day to me and all mothers around the world. We’re the real MV.

Love Weah message to her Mother. “To the world you are a mother, but to your family you are the world” Love Weah who plays the character of Patrice pictured with her beautiful mother in Liberia. Happy Mother’s Day ❤️

Rachael Taye aka Lib Diva is presently in Uganda celebrating her best friend’s wedding, she proves that you can never get too busy for your mother.  Happy mother’s day to the world most amazing mom. Thank you for making the decision to have me as your daughter, Janet Taye you are irreplaceable, wouldn’t trade you for the world.

Dj Blue Started his mother’s like no other by posting a short message to his mom. “Happy Mother’s Day Adrienne Harris Benson.

And then later, he posted a photo that made people Laughed their buttons off.

Cypha D King’s Mother’s Day Message to his Mother and grandma.

These two. My dynamic duo. I am, because you are. I thank God everyday for you two. The love, support and prayers are what any child would dream of having. I am truly blessed to be able to share you with many others. Love you to the moon and back. Then back again.

What’s your plan for Mother’s Day?




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