From Secular music to gospel, Don Wizdom introduces new look by getting rid of his dreadlocks

Last week, I was scrolling through my timeline and I stumbled upon several images of Liberia’s based HipCo Rapper, Don Wizdom, formerly known as Waste dem. The images show...

Last week, I was scrolling through my timeline and I stumbled upon several images of Liberia’s based HipCo Rapper, Don Wizdom, formerly known as Waste dem. The images show the brand new and improved artist. The entertainment scene is becoming too competitive, I figured he just upgraded his image for proper branding purpose. Although I was just a bit right, however, I wasn’t aware that the rapper has totally changed himself from a secular artist to a gospel rapper. I commented on his images with a smile and give good and encouraging compliments.

Today, I visited his dm to know the reason(s) behind his new look:

He writes: “For a lot of reasons but let me start by telling you that the mean reason is that it’s the right thing to do. I’ve always wanted to do gospel music. I grew up as a Christian. A Child whose mother was into the things of God. She made sure we went to church almost every Sundays.  But after choosing my path, which was to do secular music, I couldn’t easily turn back to God. Every time I thought about doing gospel music, I thought about what people, mainly my industry colleagues would say about me. I repeatedly thought about, “What if people will say I’m changing because music isn’t working for me as a secular artist?” This thought would run in my head over and over. So I decided to keep doing secular music until I felt like I was at the level I wanted to be at. After releasing hit songs (2015, 2016), I felt like I’ve reached the level, so I began to prepare myself mentally to switch to gospel music. I did a street gospel song called “Confession”, but at that time I was still enjoying the secular scene. So I was still struggling to leave secular music. As time went by, I noticed that God started showing me signs that he was seriously against me doing secular music. Most of the time I went out to perform at scheduled shows, there would be people tempting me. If it wasn’t women, it would be men trying to fight me.

Sometimes I would fight the feeling of temptation, but sometimes, I would fail miserably by getting into fights, sex, and worst of all, I would sometimes end up in jail for fighting. Jail is not something I would like to ever go back to.  I never took doing gospel music seriously until recently when I came back from Ghana. I was invited to a girl birthday’s party. At the party, a guy came and started misbehaving. I tried to calmly speak to him to keep his cool but he refused to. He seems very troubled by something. In the process of calming him down, he became violent, so I got mad and picked up a bottle to fight him. But as soon as I hit the two bottles together, I got injured deeply. I hit the dude with a 2 by 2 plank on his head. After he left, some of my friends that were around started telling me about how a close friend of mine killed an older woman and that he was taken to south beach prison, Liberia’s worst prison. I became to ask myself, “what if I had killed that man who was hit with the plank? “Will I be in prison too like my friend?” I immediately thought these incidents were all signs from God telling me to be a better person, so I begin my transformation.”

I asked Don Wizdom, “So when will you be releasing your album with your 10 new gospel songs?”

He then replied, “By February, hopefully. The songs are finished but I am working on some of the songs videos. I also did a video to tell people why I switched to gospel music before dropping the album. I’m looking forward to February by the God grace.”

The artist added that he’s not only doing gospel music, but he is now fully working for God.  “I’m willing to do everything and anything in my own ways to take the gospel to the streets and everywhere God sent me. I also think that my late mother inspired me! Since I came back from Ghana, I have visited her grave two times and been feeling very different about life after the visit.”

See images below!

Old looks:

New Look!

Awww… this is truly amazing! I’m proud of you and congratulations on your transformations. You’ve sure come a long way.

What do you guys think about Don Wizdom’s transformation?




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