Former Miss Liberia Meenakshi Subremani Meenakshi & Benita Urey Fight Over Christoph The Change

The On Going Saga Between Former Miss Liberia Meenakshi Subremani Meenakshi & Benita Urey

Yes! we all have that guilty pleasure where we all want to know who’s who? and what’s happening in the Liberian entertainment industry? When you’re a public figure; you should expect the unexpected. We’d say, the industry is getting more and more interesting by the day!

A few weeks ago, the news hit us that former Miss Liberia 2011, Meenakshi Subremani Meenakshi., and Presidential candidates’ daughter, Benita Urey got into a fistfight at one of Liberia’s hottest club, Anglers during a karaoke night.

According to a closed source who was on the scene, It all started when Christoph current girlfriend, Benita took over the on stage and started to perform some of Christoph’s songs. International Liberian football superstar, Sakou Jabateh, was also present sitting next to Meenakshi.  According to another source, Christoph and Meenakshi were an item, however, the hipco bad boy ladies man dumped her. 


The fight started when Benita walked over to Sekou’s table and put her arm around him while singing his personalized song titled, Sakou Jabateh, which was produced and sung by C.I.C. Apparently, Meenakshi felt disrespected by Benita’s behavior. Within a blink of an eye, words started flying, hair pulling, and the fight was on. Christoph was on the scene. He did not bother to pull his present girlfriend nor his ex apart; source says he has been preparing for his summer U.S tour left the scene without saying a word.

The fight over Christoph continues… Today, we got a word that another fight has happened. This time the other two Ben Urey’s daughters; Telia and Daniele are involved. Source says, the Three Urey girls Telia, Daniele and Benita jumped into a fight with the former Miss Liberia at Capital Room Night Club in Monrovia last night. According to Wade Williams, when Meenakkshi took the three Urey’s girls to the Central police station in Monrovia, Telia is said to have slapped a police officer who tried to break up the ongoing fight even at the police station. This is said to be an ongoing animosity between Benita Urey and the former Miss Liberia. The former Miss Liberia is currently at Central with her lawyer waiting for the Ureys to arrive for a police investigation. Police Spokesman Sam Kingsford Collins has confirmed that the LNP is investigating the case.

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