Five powerful couples in the Liberian entertainment industry

It’s clear there’s scarcity of true love in Liberian showbiz. Relationships are base on fame and one’s status in the industry which doesn’t even last for long. A few...

It’s clear there’s scarcity of true love in Liberian showbiz. Relationships are base on fame and one’s status in the industry which doesn’t even last for long. A few Liberian celebrity couples have defied the odds to remain together despite the temptations they encounter on a daily basis. Liberian stars views has gather for you the 5 best couples who have defied all odds in an orderly form from 5 to 1.

5 Rica and Retro

We are going into the second season of the Big Brabee since these two left the reality show. They started off with a platonic relationship and getting to know themselves in the House of BBL. Though many saw the chemistry between the two but never thought they were going to make a great couple off the camera. Yes, no one is watching them 24/7 on screens but the couple have manage to clue themselves together even stronger than ever before. They show up everywhere as power couples would do and have been showing us couples goals.

4 Love and Acarous

Love doesn’t hide, despite these two try to keep their relationship private, it’s difficult when one is an epitome of beauty and made a career infront of the camera that breaks all the young boys heart, Whilst the other is a tough talking soldier for the biggest political party in the country and
not just that but a law maker in the house of legislature. Their romance must surely come to the public. They are being admired for their romantic trips in exotic countries like the prince of England. No, they don’t publicly talk about themselves but we get jealous when their images on vacation communicate with us.

3 Sheik and Michelle

These two have got a controversial relationship from the very beginning. Michelle was and is a socialist that was in beef with other socialists most of the time, whilst on the other hand Sheik was being referred to as ” The governmental boyfriend” and was most of the time been controversialized for his alledged mistresses. The two got intimate during those difficult moment and everyone thought it was going to end like the rest of his exes. The two have a life style that’s intertwined which suits them. Today they are happily married and still moving strong.

2 Monique and Cypher

No one is infallible as we all know but this couple must be close to perfection. No controversy about either one’s infedility. They have manage to keep away from homewrecker “Social media” and all we get to see is a happy couple on our timeline.

1 Margaret and Artus

This got to be our number one powerful couple in the Liberian entertainment industry. This couple met in a very difficult time of their career and a struggling one for that matter. They managed to reawaken the Liberian film industry with their all time best selling movie “Juetey” which they both starred in and play major roles. The two had to leave Liberia to advance their career in foreign industries but later came to a compromise to allow one take care of the family whilst the other push for the advancement of his career. Despite the huge successes of Artus Frank and temptation from the industry they both defied the odds and kept their union even more stronger. They have got three kids and still happily married making them our number one powerful couple in Liberian entertainment.

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