Find Out What Sweetz Saying About Her Lost Love

Gone Too Soon

After releasing a photo of them kissing on a beach, a couple of days later, we got news about his death.

Today June 3rd marks three months since the death of Quincy Luwokollie Burrowe. Sweetz took to Facebook to express some intimate private thoughts to her fans.

The third of every month is like a memorial day for me now. It can never pass without me counting the months back to that day your life was cut so tragically. Sometimes it’s still hard to believe. Not a day passes I don’t think about you or catch myself getting into some crazy mixed emotions. Sometimes I dance and sing, celebrate to your music because that’s your legacy. Other times I get so mad cause I feel yours suppose to be here physically with us to enjoy everything. Other times I feel sick to my stomach and I get angry just looking at the disunity that’s going on after your passing. You are Gone baby but never forgotten. Can never ever be replaced. I have nothing to prove to anyone but I will do exactly what it is you told me to do and until it is done I won’t stop. The prime reason I keep pushing and I’m still doing music for Liberia. I won’t let you down. So as I embark on this US tour from my heart of all hearts I dedicate it to your life, QB the Legend. .. #RIPQB My Sweetheart

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