Nebo Records introduces its brand new talented artist, Faithvonic’s brand new single titled, “Come For Me”. The hot club-banger is definitely a must-listen. Faithvonic has officially proven to Liberian stars...

Nebo Records introduces its brand new talented artist, Faithvonic’s brand new single titled, “Come For Me”. The hot club-banger is definitely a must-listen. Faithvonic has officially proven to Liberian stars views that she is ready to make us dance. Scroll down and listen.

Get to Know the Artist:

Personal life

A combination of YVONNE (her mother name). Faith Terryson musically, known as Faithvonic. Faith native tongue is from the BASSA tribe of Liberia. She is the oldest of 4 siblings, (JOJO TERRYSON, JASMINE TERRYSON, and EUGENE TERRYSON AND IKE TERRYSON. Faithvonic’s father passed away when she was 2 years old and since then her mother YVONNE TERRYSON have been playing the role as a father and a mother. 

Faithvonic is a 20-year old female vocalist, who expires to be a professional IT specialist/graphic designer and an entrepreneur. Faith is a sophomore student at “Starz College of science and Technology”, where she studies IT/GRAPHIC DESIGN. 

In 2008, she traveled to the Philippines to studied in SOUTHVILLE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL. During her elementary school year, where she played basketball for 3 years while focusing on her musical career. And later came to Liberia to continue her school year and graduated from J.J ROBERTS UNITED METHODIST SCHOOL. 



At age 4, Faithvonic started dancing and singing but started to apply practice at age 10. In a blessed community school, where she was the main vocalist for kids’ choir. She would sing and close up any of her school programs. Faithvonic got her inspiration from Rihanna and choreography inspiration from BEYONCE, SHAKIRA, AND CIARA. Oprah Winfrey is Faithvonic all time inspiration. She said Oprah’s story pushes her to become a bold singer who she is today. Oprah motivates her, Oprah made her believe in herself. She wants to make the difference in her country using her talents. Faithvonic was able to take a bold step to do covers on YouTube by her favorites.”. IT WAS CHALLENGING” she said.

Career path

In 2014, Faithvonic signed to KLW Entertainment owned by Dr. Kimmie Weeks.  She lasted with the label for two years. UNDER that umbrella she faced so many difficulties and challenges but she still managed to be that FAITHVONIC who stays queening and making progress with songs and getting a lot of air played. That same year, she joined an organization called LATA. Where she served as a financial secretary and used her voice to give hope to Liberia during the deadly disease called “EBOLA.”

In 2016 her contract with KLW record label was over and she decided to be a solo artist and since then she’s been rocking her independent flag as an artist. In December 2016, Faithvonic signed with a brand new record label called, Nebo Records.

NR is a record label based in Brisbane Australia, founded by Markis Nebo AKA YoungCeO in 2014 as a platform and his means to give back to Liberia and contribute to the entertainment Industry. The label has also signed other entertainers like Agnel Michael and Troy Banmore aka Soul Smiter all under the label.

Faithvonic is currently the founder and owner of “Speak Out Loud” for girls education Liberia, of which Nebo Records have jumped on board with her in assisting SOL, basically providing education for street sellers and underprivileged girls, such includes rape victims, abused victims, and much, more.

Social links:

Facebook: Faithvonic

Instagram: @faithvonic

Twitter: @Faithvonic

Youtube: Nebo Records

Soundcloud: Faithvonic




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