DjMaster Queen travels to Paris, France to celebrate her birthday (See Photos)

Not too long ago, February to March 2022, Grace Weah, popularly known as DjMaster Queen, posted some candid photos of her in Brussels, Belgium standing right outside the “Steigenberger...

Not too long ago, February to March 2022, Grace Weah, popularly known as DjMaster Queen, posted some candid photos of her in Brussels, Belgium standing right outside the “Steigenberger WILTCHER’S” hotel with an unknown man.

Around the same time, she had linked up for a ‘coffee’ with fellow industry colleague, Kobazzie “The Lorma boy” and his manager @pumpaye231.

Although she posted more photos after that, she did not clarify while she was in the country.

After getting back home to Liberia, she then took a short trip to Sierra Leone, Freetown, where she attended the “Celebration of 230 years (1792-2022), since the founding of Sierra Leone’s Capital, Freetown. – The Krios”, with the country’s city mayor, Yvonne Aki-Swayer. It was a trip she had ‘joined’ along with Monrovia city Mayor, Jefferson T. Koijee, Rep of District 9, Frank Saah Foko and his team.

Yesterday, the “Queen of Liberia airwaves”, spends her + one in Paris, France.

The multi-awards winning, radio host, Tv host presenter at Hottfm 107.9 Liberia, thee official brand ambassador for Royal Grand Hotel, Zara Mall Liberia and the newly appointed President of the Football club, ‘Determine Girls’ first took to her Facebook fan page, Master Queen, where she posted several of her images while in the city, standing next to the historical Eiffel Tower. 

She captioned:

“I’m on a diet, I’m no longer eating anybody’s BS.”

After that short, sweet and deadly warning post, she then release this below image looking glamorous as always.
She writes:

“Dear God, I thank you that you are always smiling, arms wide open, welcoming me into your embrace. Thank you Lord, for another birthday. May you bless me today and on all the days of my earthly journey. I simply want to express my gratitude to You oh Lord for blessing me with another great and healthy Birthday. for letting me experience what I am experiencing now. I am incredibly fortunate.
Happy birthday, Grace Queyonnoh Hawa Weah .”

Oh, no, she did not stop there. The queen decided to lay another one on our burning chest and this time, it was an African themed shoot, outfit by Cam Fashion Designs. 

She writes:
“One cannot RESIST the rich culture of Africa.A proud African woman I am. Happy birthday, Grace Queyonnoh Hawa Weah.

This Photo credits:

Credits: Outfit @cam__fashion_designs

Shoot created by Feso Experience

Hair glam The Spa By Royal Grand Hotel

Staga mediaMUA @Labelle Glam

Hairtied by Prince M.Boweh

Thinking she was done, done with us, she then released another beautiful images of her in a curves hugging red dress that again, kept us wow, wow, wowing for the rest of the day!

She caption: “It only gets better. Birthday continues.”

At this point, I said to myself, ‘Queen’, please keep releasing more because we are here to appreciate all of them.

Two hours ago, she finally released five photos with the caption: “I’m still in my birthday magic so let’s pretend this post was on time .”

Like always, all of her posts received thousands of comments, likes and many of her industry colleagues re-posted and shared her images to wish her a prosperous natal day.

The queen celebrated her birthday like a true queen and remember, she will not be taking any nonsense from us.

All of these images were shot in Liberia by Staga Media and she gave some directorial credit to Feso Experience.

As far as we are concern, the queen is still in Paris, France enjoying her birthday.

Written by First Lady/ Augustina Kou Monpleh



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