Dirty Deeds (Love is Wicked): Film Review

An Inspiring story about four Women struggles in their various homes.

In our movies industry, we never really get to see movies come out. There’re many films that have been shot and never release. My point is, I must applause Catherine Lemu, who is a first-time movie producer/writer.

The story follows four women ( Catherine Lemu, Marilyn Neewilly, Winthrine Roberts, and Lydia Jackson) who are in their middle phase of their lives and going through various experiences with domestic violence, adultery, body-slamming and motherhood.

Lemu uses the movie to highlight the importance of self-love, respect, marriage and hope via its message.

The lighting could’ve been better. Some areas of the movies were not properly light. The location was poor. The producer should’ve searched for better locations. The costumes needed a bit of upgrade.

Lydia, however, portrays her character’s image well because her character was meant to wear heavy makeup and big hair. As for her acting, she could’ve acted a bit natural. It is also understandable due to first-time appearing in a screenplay.

Mrs. Robert is one of the strongest force in the movie. She portrays a married woman who has experience domestic violence daily from her husband. Her character might bring you emotional ache. Good job!

Marilyn Neewilly portrays a mother who dates a man that ended up raping her daughter.

Catherine Lemu plays a married woman whose husband is a lying cheating no having respect husband who was played by first-time actor AC-ON-The-Beatz.

The message is great, however, the story was too short. Hopefully, part two will be a bit longer. Overall, Catherine did a tremendous job by writing, budgeting, acting and most important, releasing it for us to see.

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Dirty Deeds

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