CIC Releases New Song About personal struggles

CIC, the koolest Koloqua artiste just released a masterpiece that needs to be streamed by everyone, including people outside of Liberia.  A couple of days ago, to be exact,...

CIC, the koolest Koloqua artiste just released a masterpiece that needs to be streamed by everyone, including people outside of Liberia. 

Photo credit: CIC

A couple of days ago, to be exact, February 1st, the singer opened up about his struggle about struggling in silence. 

“For so long, many of us had fought silent battles because our environment doesn’t provide us a safe space to speak about our mental health without being judged. “

He then revealed that since his accident,  “… I[he] shied away from therapy. Sitting and explaining how I felt to a stranger wasn’t for me. I felt I was strong enough to carry on after all the accusations of my involvement with Quincy’s death. I was fine being myself and letting people talk about whatever they felt, and I had a heartbreak. Life was kicking me in the a$$, but I had to put on a happy face for people around me. It hasn’t been an easy journey for me, but glad I realized to be completely vulnerable to tell my story.”

Photo credit: CIC

The same accident that took Quincyb’s life was the same accident CIC survived. Unknowingly to him, this was the beginning of an unfortunate situation. CIC probably never thought he would be accused of the passing of his friend and fellow industry colleague. Many Liberians blamed him, an accusation without facts or evidence to back it up. People were angry and wanted someone to be held accountable, which now we know almost took CIC’s life.

The singer then added that he have had “suicidal thought and issues of mental health, and I’m [he’s] not ashamed of [his] my story.”

This is where he revealed that he planned to release a song he wrote about his personal experiences, “Not one of many party songs I have sung over the years nor am I aiming to drop a hit but a song highlighting all the silent battles we fight daily.”

Photo credit: CIC

This is information the singer revealed in his write-up. He then spoke about struggling to open up and be venerable, which has also been a struggle for him. Separation from his label, which he withheld from talking about, and heartbreak, CIC has never opened up about anything until now.

 In a sense, 2023 might be the era where musicians like CIC are helping to open doors to new possibilities here for all of it. On a serious note, go stream “Don’t give up on me”, on all digital outlets and thank us later. 

Photo credit: CIC

Images from behind the scene of the official music video were released yesterday by MamaLiberia, the public persona of Abssy Conde. The video will have a special musical appearance by Teddyride, Ezaypain, David C, etc… see photos below!

Written by First Lady, Augustina Kou Monpleh




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