Celebrity Radio Personality “Master Queen” To Launch Vegan Nail Polish Line

Congratulations Queen!

Liberia’s # 1 radio (HottFm 107.9 Liberia) personality Grace Weah popularly known as “DJ Master Queen” to launch her vegan nail polish line “Masque” Nail Lacque under the Masque Brand this month (July) in Monrovia, Liberia.

MasQue Luxury Nail Lacquer Company is a luxury boutique brand of vegan nail lacquer. Each bottle is emblazoned with names specific to Liberian Culture.

According to JMK, Grace has always had a love for beauty products. After years of thinking about it and being inspired by her mentor’s entrepreneurial spirit, she went ahead to launch a color popping, easy drying non-toxic vegan nail polish brand with plans to expand in the future.

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She recently did an interview with JMK in which she spoke about what inspired her to go into the beauty industry. Her response was very profound.

“My first experiences with beauty products involved nail polish. I’ve always love nail polish since I was a child. I recently started experimenting with makeup. It was a ritual for me to get my nails done every two weeks. Having my nails done nicely is like a good hair day for me. I feel better. I wanted a product I was passionate about and I could not think of anything better than nail polish.”

Read more here: JMK.com

Photo Credit: Vahei Tolbert

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