Celebrity Engagement Story: Chid Liberty Shares The Liberia & Burkina Faso Engagement Story (See Photos)

When we first broke the story about the couple being an item, a couple of our fans were giving us the side eye due to Chid’s response he posted...
'Love is even greater than life.' - Colonel Jean Pierre Badiel, Georgie's eldest uncle (as he approved Georgie and my decision to get married)

When we first broke the story about the couple being an item, a couple of our fans were giving us the side eye due to Chid’s response he posted on his IG page at that particular time. A couple of weeks later, Chid posted about how much in Love he is with the supermodel turned activist.

Yesterday, Georgie posted photos which seem to be traditional engagement photos of Chid asking her to marry him. This is one of the best proposals we’ve seen on the internet. This morning, Chid literally gush about his Love for his wife-to-be and we had to share their entire story with you all. I’m literally like in my awwww… moment right now. Okay, enough about my emotional breakdown. Get to know who they are before reading about their engagement story Chid shared this morning on Facebook.

About Chid Liberty

Chid is the co-founder at Liberty & Justice, Africa’s first Fair Trade Certified™ apparel manufacturer, after working in entertainment, technology, and finance. In 2009, Chid returned to Africa after 28 years abroad. Inspired by the Nobel Peace Prize winning Liberian Women’s Peace Movement, Chid co-founded Africa’s first Fair Trade Certified apparel factory to provide economic opportunities for internally displaced women, who on balance, were vulnerable to rampant unemployment and economic exclusion. He is currently leading L&J’s rapid expansion in Liberia and throughout the region.

Photo source: (http://www.innovationsummit2017.com/chid-liberty/)

About Georgie Badiel

Georgie Badiel is a Burkinabé model and activist living and working in New York City. Badiel was Miss Africa 2004. She is also an author and activist who has taken on the issue of the lack of potable drinking water in her West African homeland.

Photo source: Pinterest

Chid Posted:

“With so much gratitude in our hearts for our ancestors, friends, and families, Georgie and I are happy to announce that we are engaged. We feel a lot of energy right now from my great-grandfather, Chief Henry Burphy who helped bring the Vai people and Grand Cape Mount into the Republic of Liberia, from his daughter Hannah Burphy, who grew up in the Executive Mansion with the Barclays and was such a huge influence on the trajectory of my family, and from the long list of Badiel chiefs through Georgie’s grandfather (Badiel means panther in Georgie’s language because her tribe is known for hunting with panthers – side note, wouldn’t mess with these brothers). It was such a pleasure to get to share this day with Georgie’s maternal grandmother who is my new inspiration for living the good life. And we are so happy that at 101, her maternal grandfather could join us and give his blessing. We are extremely excited for our future with all of you. We plan to be married next year in a small ceremony in New York. G-d first, Peter Jallah second.

Now view their engagement photos with a couple of sweet side notes… awwww… relationship goals everywhere!

For her friends, it’s no surprise that Georgie refused to start this day without first going to mass. So we did a 5:30 am mass in Moore, her local dialect. Peter Jallah got to sleep in. — in Réo, Burkina Faso.

The night before we stayed out til about 1:30am drinking with her uncles and cousins after a 16 hour journey.

Peter Jallah introduced Georgie to me after G-d whispered in his ear. Georgie canceled the first few dates but Peter persisted until the magic happened. So he escorted us to Burkina Faso to present to her uncles.

Georgie’s book, The Water Princess, is an autobiographical children’s book which has won several awards. Here she is showing it to her mom for the first time.

“She is Magic with Children.

“So I paid four goats and walked away with Miss Africa 2004. Not bad. One goat is missing from the photo because it had already been ‘donated’ to the ancestors. I didn’t ask. Sorry PETA.

“Georgie had to interpret both her local dialect and French for me. I gotta step my language game up.

”According to tradition, once her uncles were satisfied that I had met the requirements of a husband, we ate a white kola nut to symbolize our union.

“Then surprise (!!!) I popped the question.

“She said YESS!!

“We walked to a local well that Georgie just built through her foundation. The people were pretty stoked, to say the least, as they’d been drinking brown water. We pumped some water for them.

“Georgie’s grandpa (two seats to my left) is 101. His wifey (Georgie’s grandma) claims she’s 86 but that’s just because she doesn’t want to be old like her husband. Though she can barely walk she sent us off by dancing for joy. Not to be outdone by his wife, grandpa gave me a chicken (which is never done on a day where it’s all about me bringing gifts to his family).

‘Love is even greater than life.’ – Colonel Jean Pierre Badiel, Georgie’s eldest uncle (as he approved Georgie and my decision to get married)

We’ll like to congratulate the couple on their engagement. You two look so happy in love. Georgie, thank you for being a solid rock for our brother. Looking forward to your wedding and more beautiful babies. Yay! We’re glad we broke the relationship story.

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