Are superstitious beliefs contributing to Liberia’s problems?

This article was originally published on Facebook January 23rd, 2022. Liberians and their superstitious beliefs is getting out of hand, therefore, I think it had time I address it....

This article was originally published on Facebook January 23rd, 2022.

Liberians and their superstitious beliefs is getting out of hand, therefore, I think it had time I address it.

This morning fire broke out somewhere in Matadi, Monrovia, where young people where using sand (in bucket), rock (throwing) and water (in bucket) ( not enough was around) to put off the fire. As I watched the video on Hottfm 107.9 Liberia, I saw them using whatever they had available to put off the fire. We pray no one was injured. Those guys were being realistic, meanwhile, some commentators, where commenting the most ridiculous things.

I wanted to bring light to this issue because I feel, superstitions beliefs are hugely affecting some of our people and shockingly some of them live overseas and not just Liberia per say.

We all know Fire is extremely dangerous and it breakout everywhere and sometimes it takes humans lives and leave behind nothing but heartache and sorrow; the people that have survived are left with everlasting marks.

There are fully equipped fire stations in other countries that are meant to help when it is needed but the only difference between those countries and Liberia is that the fire department in LIBERIA isn’t fully equipped and suitable; not enough stations are available , could be due to distant or how close the houses are build. And these are legit obstacles and NOT imaginary!

As someone who live in the United, Philadelphia to be exact, there are fire stations close by and then the roads here are big and wide so it makes it easier for fire trucks to get to burining buildings faster, however, even with these advance and fully equipped fire machines, beautiful wide roads or nearby fire departments facilities, people still lose properties and their lives.

There was a recent deadly fire incident that happened in New York City apartment building, where 19 people reportedly died, including grownups and babies. Google search.

Tragedies are something that affects everyone including the rich and poor man. But why is it that when it happens in our own country, we don’t take it as something realistic but rather it is always regard as, “Liberia is cursed” ?

The best way to prevent tragedies are to educate ourselves of these things. To be fully equipped, helping to create jobs in the fire department that would help with nearby sub-stations in all cities and maybe think about how our buildings are being laid down. The government should definitely start working on realistic ways to stop these fire problems.

This can and should be seen as a opportunity for someone or people in the diaspora to contribute to Liberia by helping to open fire department businesses as well.

According to the American man, in order to make money, you have to make available what isn’t available. Maybe it is said in different wordings, but I believe you got my point loud and clear.

People who believe tragedies happens because you/we deserve it means they won’t try to put effort in creating another route because they feel it will always happen due to something they believe we’ve done, therefore, we deserve it. Liberia/Liberians only deserve to improve from here and nothing more.

Let’s change our mindset.

Written by First Lady / Augustina Kou Monpleh Official




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