Air France cancelled flights and delayed thousands of Liberians at Robert International Airport

I saw two different videos (this is one of them) yesterday and today (this particular one) of Liberians who visited LIBERIA during the December season being delayed at the...

I saw two different videos (this is one of them) yesterday and today (this particular one) of Liberians who visited LIBERIA during the December season being delayed at the airport due to their flights not coming on time. As you can see, they were frustrated, which is totally understandable as no one likes to be delayed at the airport, especially, when traveling with your beloved children.

With that being said, I saw a blog ( can’t remember) that published a mini article about why Air France delayed their customers. According to them, the problem was due to fuel shortages.

The two videos I saw , showed people laying on their Lappas and some people were really upset and ended up taking it out on the President. The person who recorded the video ( did not show face), is heard saying “This is why we need Alex Cummings as President. Liberians are stranded. And the current president is in Ghana spending the night with his woman. Look at all these stranded Liberians from Air France…WOW! Including my damn self. 1 AM 2 AM Liberia time. People, babies, women, children, no water, stranded at Robert International airport. Zero fun, you tell me what kind of leadership is this shit?”

After all that ranting, I’ll like to give him facts since he decided to make false accusations.
The President trip to Ghana was a one day trip for an Ecowas meeting and did not go sleep with anyone. The Executive Mansion-Liberia has more information about his trip. Matter of fact he has returned home safely.
Whatever happened to you guys at the airport was unfortunate and has absolutely nothing to do with the President, however, it has everything to do with the airline and not even the airport.

When things like this happens, let’s be civil and stop with the accusations and blaming game.
Air France should issue an apology to their passengers at least to reassured that this won’t happen again and if it does then it was unavoidable. As someone who travels a lot back home, I’ve experienced similar situations at the Philadelphia International Airport and Newark Liberty International Airport – EWR, where flights were delayed, and we had to wait for the engineers to work on the plane before we can take off. When these same situations happen in advance countries, you never see people blaming their presidents and accusing he/she about anything.
It also amazes me to see Liberians who have traveled and lived outside of LIBERIA behave like they have no experience when it comes to how people behave outside of LIBERIA. These behaviors have to stop. Let’s do better people.

Written by First Lady / Augustina Kou Monpleh Official

Video source: Philip Blamo Kru boy on IG




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