Afro-Pop influenced Hip Hop artist 2C has signed with AKON’s Konvict Kulture Record Label

"No matter what obstacles comes your way in life, just know that we gonna make it!" 2C
Konvict Kulture Records proudly announces the signing of rising star, Afro-Pop Hip Hop artist 2C Born in Liberia, Africa and raised in the Ivory Coast where music is celebrated by all ages; 2C has a long history of performing and as a youth even won several contests. His family moved to the USA in 1999 and he’s never given up on his dreams, including the most recently realized dream of collaborating with one of his greatest musical influences, the legendary AKON. As the only Afro-Pop artist who sings entirely in English, 2C has a universal appeal and is welcomed warmly throughout the world as the positive, unofficial Liberian musical ambassador.
2018 will bring the much-anticipated Bridgin’ Da Gap album releasing on the Outtaspace Ent./Konlive label. 2C worked with a team of producers including Grammy nominated producer Ace Harris to create the unique sound for Bridgin’ Da Gap. The album will include features with Akon, Rock City and many more. The highly anticipated 2C single “Mr. Mechanic” ft. AKON, & official video will release on February 8th, 2018.
Although now based in the US, 2C remains firmly committed to celebrating & amplifying positive developments in Africa as demonstrated like his partnership with The Africa Channel. Listen here:
He also has a unique partnership with Demand Africa, and has some of his world premiere videos on their platform: Watch Videos Here:
2C stays committed to the new direction Liberia is taking, enthusiastically supporting the upcoming election. Watch 2C discuss the election here:
Notably, 2C’s Awards include:
• Liberian Image Award Winner: Hip Hop
• Liberian Entertainment Awards Winner: Best Video
• “Artist of The Year” for Liberian Entertainment Awards.
2C has been featured on: BET Jazz, The Africa Channel, radio stations in the US, United Kingdom, and Liberia. Youtube videos demonstrate 2C’s (Channel name: IAM2C) popularity with views in the tens of thousands. He puts a lot of effort into creating interesting, original videos such as 2017’s “Make It” (1st single from forthcoming Bridgin’ Da Gap album) where he celebrates his intercultural experience.
For More Information Please Contact:
Label Website: Artist Website:
Label Email: Edward Jones
Management/Booking: Charles Dunbar and Rozina Negeusi
Interviews: Joana




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