A young Liberian female Asylee in the United States of America has launched a book of West African Proverbs.

Liberian stars views sits with a young Liberian female Ramatu Johnson, a political asylee in the United States of America to talk about her book and her motive behind...

Liberian stars views sits with a young Liberian female Ramatu Johnson, a political asylee in the United States of America to talk about her book and her motive behind it.

LSV: Hello Ramatu Johnson and how you doing?

Ramatu: Hello, I am great and happy to sit with this platform.

LSV: Now tell us, what’s your motive behind writting a book of African proverbs in the United States?

Ramatu: Some background of why I wrote the book. I have a long awaited dream of starting a Non for Profit organization in Liberia for women and girls that will be called G.E.A.R (Girls Endangered and At Risk) for Widows and young daughters of widows specifically women who have lost the head of their home (fathers) who were the primary providers. I would like to help these women learn skills to make them marketable, lessening the chance of these women and young girls getting into prostitution or sex slavery etc.. Skills like Cosmetology, Tailoring, Baking, Event planning. Writing this book and several others that I plan to complete and publish this year will help me get funds to start the foundation of this project, then start to solicit for Grants from other organizations.

LSV: What’s the goal for this project? You are now in the United States, the Land for dreamers and you are doing quite well. Why is Liberia a focus point for you?

Ramatu: My goal for this project is 2023. Seeing other Liberians investing in our Native Land has inspired me to get the ball rolling and I believe using my love and passion for writing will help set the foundation for monetary help.80% of all the proceeds will go towards aspects of the research, building and structuring of this nonprofit organization.

LSV: What’s the title of this book and what do we expect to read?

Ramatu: The title of this book is
“Some Common West African Proverbs and their Simple Meaning.”
My book is a collection of some of my favorite West African proverbs and their meanings. I also added some of my favorite Liberian Sayings like ” when chicken white, it white” and other favorites.

LSV: What are your target audiences for your book?

Ramatu: Anyone who is interested in having a knowledge of African proverbs age 9 and above can read. Because it’s an easy read.

LSV: Where can one find the book to read

Ramatu: It’s an Ebook, available on Amazon. They can read for free with. Kindle subscription or purchase for $2.99. Hard copies of the book coming soon.

LSV: Tell us about other projects if theres any.

Ramatu: I’ve completed a manuscript on another book on Praying the scriptures for healing and African Baby names for boys and another for Girls and their meaning/origin that I hope to go through editing and be ready for publication by Spring this year.

LSV: Now let’s get personal. How long have you been in the US and did you get here as a refugee?

Ramatu: Ive been here 18 years now, and no I came as a Political Asylee.

LSV: What advice do you have for young Liberian girls when it comes to ambition to being progressive?

Ramatu: Use you talents, skills and passion to better yourself and others. Don’t forget where you come from and the many people that depend on you. Work with passion in all that you do and never give up on you. Believe in yourself, raise your standard and the world will meet you there and my favorite quote “Never say Never”

LSV: Thanks for your time with Liberian stars views

Ramatu: You’re welcome and thanks very much for writing the piece on my book, God bless you.




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